Sunday, November 16


The Columbus Temple was  absolutely beautiful.  It was snowing and raining on our way there and raining on our way home, but the kids did great and our babysitter enjoyed it.  It's not chicken pox apparently.  They've had fevers, runny noses and all sorts of outbreaks, Hyrum with cold and canker sores, and Ginnie with little raised bumps all over her body.  Angela and Hyrum have different skin problems.  So, hopefully now that we figured out what some things are, their immune systems will begin building back up again.

Our Temple trip was much needed.  It helped put things back into perspective and reminded me of how blessed I am.  My heart was full of gratitude that I have an eternal companion.  I'm more determined than ever to change my bad habits and just choose to do better in specific areas.

I love the Lord, I love to serve in His Holy Temple.  I love my Daniel.  I love my sweet babies. 


Suzie said...

Tori just had that stuff too. She had a bunch of cold sores inside her mouth on her toung, cheeks nad I think throught.

I found water that has silver in it. I kicked its butt in like 3 days. THe docotr had said 3 weeks and NOTHING to do.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Hi! This is Adrianne (Clark) Richards. I haven't posted on one of my blogs for months and today I went to make a post and saw that you had posted a comment way back in Aug. Sorry, I wasn't ignoring you! My husband is also in the Air Force. We are in Oklahoma now and then he is going to get his masters in Ohio and then we are on our way to Colorado where he will teach at the Academy. Your family is beautiful. Here is the blog that I usually post on

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