Monday, November 24

I Can

With Mommyhood comes a certain point of exhaustion and a certain temptation to give up after endlessly giving your all, with little visibility of why.

I've come to the conclusion that all good, decent human beings who are parents, simply do what they can to love their children and meet their basic needs.  How poorly or how well we do isn't capable of being measured by man or society.  God alone knows what internal struggles we face daily, and just how well we are indeed, succeeding.

So, with that said, I know I can be the Mommy I've always wanted to be, eventually.  My children will be blessed through me because of my  Father in Heaven's willingness to  work with and change me for the best.  Truly, through marriage and parenthood, I have been torn down in that, I've realized that I'm not quite the person I thought I was.  Because of this realization, it has opened up new possibilities and my foundation for a new and more glorious tabernacle is beginning to be laid.

I love my Savior.  
He knows and loves me.
I will succeed because of that knowledge.

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