Friday, November 14

Alright, we get to attend the temple tomorrow and I only have the office and my room to do tomorrow morning.  I'm a little concerned about Angela because she was glued to me all day with the way she's feeling...but she did have a few times today where she was miss hypomania-she was into and onto everything!  I think she gets a little more hyperactive when she's hurting (teething, fever etc.).  We'll see how things turn out.  I'd better warn the babysitter and ask if she's had chicken-pox before.  As for Ginnie, she's going on day three with underwear and has only had one big accident...even today when  she was feeling quite rebellious about it, she ran and got on by herself and had a really small accident but made it mostly on the potty.  She's doing great.  
Here are pictures of the kids' little mobiles with  things that have an 'r' in them. 
This is Ginnie's
 This is Hyrum's
 I was trying to take this of Hyrum and Angela with photobooth, but Angela kept looking at me and smiling, afraid I was going somewhere. 
 Nonetheless, I thought was cute.
What a productive day.  I'm goin' to bed now pretty early for me but I need it.  Gotta love Ginnie's pasted look in this one.


Katie said...

Hi Rachael,

I didn't know that you were lookin for me. I've been reading your blog for months and I get your emails. :)

Ben and I live in Iowa City, IA where Ben and I are both attending the University of Iowa. We are doing well.

I love seeing the pictures of your cute family and reading your blog posts.

Feel free to email me and I'll give you my contact info and phone number.


Ryanne said...

Oh, Rache...they are SO beautiful! Thanks for keeping us all updated! I have enjoyed keeping my blog going, too...but I need to figure out how to get the music to play's BUGGIN' me! Love you!

Peggy said...

I can't believe just how big little Angela is getting..week by week, it's amazing how fast they grow esp the 1st year isn't it? All your children are beautiful and happy and it really shows in the pictures. Yesterday we were leaving Vons and Sara asked if we could go to "Rachael's house" said she missed Hyrum and Ginnie! So cute my kids know where their friends live! or I should say used to live. I love that you have Celtic Woman on your play list..they are one my favorites

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