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I Can

With Mommyhood comes a certain point of exhaustion and a certain temptation to give up after endlessly giving your all, with little visibility of why.

I've come to the conclusion that all good, decent human beings who are parents, simply do what they can to love their children and meet their basic needs.  How poorly or how well we do isn't capable of being measured by man or society.  God alone knows what internal struggles we face daily, and just how well we are indeed, succeeding.
So, with that said, I know I can be the Mommy I've always wanted to be, eventually.  My children will be blessed through me because of my  Father in Heaven's willingness to  work with and change me for the best.  Truly, through marriage and parenthood, I have been torn down in that, I've realized that I'm not quite the person I thought I was.  Because of this realization, it has opened up new possibilities and my foundation for a new and more glorious tabernacle is beginning to be lai…


The Columbus Temple was  absolutely beautiful.  It was snowing and raining on our way there and raining on our way home, but the kids did great and our babysitter enjoyed it.  It's not chicken pox apparently.  They've had fevers, runny noses and all sorts of outbreaks, Hyrum with cold and canker sores, and Ginnie with little raised bumps all over her body.  Angela and Hyrum have different skin problems.  So, hopefully now that we figured out what some things are, their immune systems will begin building back up again.
Our Temple trip was much needed.  It helped put things back into perspective and reminded me of how blessed I am.  My heart was full of gratitude that I have an eternal companion.  I'm more determined than ever to change my bad habits and just choose to do better in specific areas.
I love the Lord, I love to serve in His Holy Temple.  I love my Daniel.  I love my sweet babies.
Alright, we get to attend the temple tomorrow and I only have the office and my room to do tomorrow morning.  I'm a little concerned about Angela because she was glued to me all day with the way she's feeling...but she did have a few times today where she was miss hypomania-she was into and onto everything!  I think she gets a little more hyperactive when she's hurting (teething, fever etc.).  We'll see how things turn out.  I'd better warn the babysitter and ask if she's had chicken-pox before.  As for Ginnie, she's going on day three with underwear and has only had one big accident...even today when  she was feeling quite rebellious about it, she ran and got on by herself and had a really small accident but made it mostly on the potty.  She's doing great.  Here are pictures of the kids' little mobiles with  things that have an 'r' in them.  This is Ginnie's This is Hyrum's  I was trying to take this of Hyrum and Angela with photoboot…
We've been working on letters and potty-training lately.  This morning, we learned the letter L.  We try to do a letter every day, learn the sound, then do some sort of craft or art work that helps us learn it.  Yesterday we did play dough.  Today, construction paper. Hyrum wanted a red Lightening McQueen, and La La Rose.  La La Rose is a book we checked out last week that the kids couldn't get enough of.  I enjoyed it thoroughly as well. It was written and illustrated by an asian woman and was about a little stuffed rabbit called La La Rose.  Anyway, we had fun doing that this morning.   Ginnie is getting the hang of going potty all the time.  Whenever she asks for a diaper, I tell her, "Ginnie, you're a big girl now.  No more diapers."  She's long past due and I've run out of excuses other than I'm being lazy because now it's just a matter of taking away the crutch that's holding her back.  She's more like a four-year-old in maturity so th…

Young Women Activity

I wasn't able to go to Church because I had to stay home with Hyrum and Angela last Sunday.  The previous Sunday, however, I had the opportunity to teach the combined Young Women lesson on Being Dependable.  I have no skills in teaching -- and no experience in teaching teenagers.  But, what's important is that I was prepared, the spirit was there, and they seemed to get something out of it.  Anyway, this past Sunday, I was planning on telling my beehives that I had to change their long-planned scavenger hunt at the last minute because I couldn't just pull things together as far as chaperone's, permission slips etc. since I just took over.So when they came Tuesday night expecting to go to Walmart and have some real fun, they were pretty disappointed to find that we were going to stay in one room for our activity and I wouldn't tell them what it was until we got there and set up. I felt a need to just get to know their names to start with.  So we played a bunch of sim…

My Little Gin

Ginnie is always saying things to make me laugh lately.  I hope to catch more of them sometime.  But this morning, she was singing Bear Necessities from Jungle Book.
"Look foe da beaw necessities, the simple bew necessities-foeget about yoe woeies and yoe stwipes..."

Marriage Between a Man and a Woman

I like the fact that Dan and I have come to the point in our marriage where we can absolutely drive each other crazy, and in the middle of a heated discussion, laugh about something.  Then, within minutes after agreeing to disagree, or realizing that we just don't understand each other, being able to accept it and move on.
I love my best friend.  I always wanted crazy love...not boring love.  I wanted fireworks in the bedroom and out (meaning in "discussing" subjects that we don't quite see eye to eye on).  Well, I guess pretty much all the secret desires of my heart that I can think back to even as  a young teenager that I wanted in my marriage and in every other area of my life, have come to pass.  I never wanted a perfect marriage.  I wanted to grow together and to love someone, to belong to someone.  I knew there would be great trials, and great blessings with marriage.  I believe that with faith, the seemingly impossible becomes possible.  I have an image still o…