Thursday, October 9

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We discovered yesterday and I let Hyrum and Ginnie explore - watch little clips from their favorite shows, play little games and color to their heart's content.
Other than this fun discovery, Angela Faye is now sitting up pretty well and scooting forward, it looks like half scooting and half crawling.  When she sees a toy within five feet of her, she scoots her little knees up under her bum, lifts her bum into the air while pushing up and forward with her hands or elbows.  She's quick, and it comes very naturally to her.  She did it for the first time at three am a couple days ago, and I couldn't believe my eyes.  With a burst of adrenaline, she'd grab a small red toy that I'd placed in front of her about a foot out of reach.  Within just a few seconds, she'd retrieve the toy to my amazement.  My other two didn't start crawling until nine months.  Here my little Ang is still a week away from turning six months.  Dan's youngest sister, Sharon started walking at seven months old-that is just unbelievable to me...I'm really hoping Ang doesn't try something like that.
   I love watching this girl.  There's no limits on what she can do.  She is so determined.  I've never seen such spirit in such a petite little baby.  She's always on the go, always exercising and moving. 
She wants to grow up so fast, but I don't want her to because she's been the most fun baby I've ever taken care of...from the time she was born.  I just love my little angel fairy.  She's a delight to have around.  And I LOVE that I have two daughters.
    I painted both their toe nails bright red yesterday with a stripe of shimmering white.  Daughters are the best thing ever invented next to Stephen's Raspberry Hot Chocolate.
Of course I love my son as well-but there's just a completely different sort of bond between mother's and daughter's.  It's beyond words.  So grateful that the Lord holds back on what we think we want...and gives us what would bring the greatest amount of joy in the long run.  I cannot believe I wanted all boys so badly before my first little princess came.

I have two aunts with all boys.  I believe it takes a special sort of woman to raise all boys.  One of those aunt's has always wanted a little girl...I hope she is blessed with a grand daughter first, and some wonderful daughter-in-laws.

A for me, I know I am greatly blessed!

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Suzie said...

Awwww aren't kids hte BEST?!?! I cant belive she is going to be 6 month old already! What a big baby girl.

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