Saturday, October 4

Tots and Turns

Well, Ginnie's off to her dance/gymnastics class this morning with Daddy. She loves this time with Daddy. He gets to help her with everything from walking across the balance beam, doing forward and backward rolls down an incline, to jumping into a pool full of cushions from a six foot drop. She's definitely the biggest in her group, which is to be expected. She's always been in the upper ninetieth percentile for height and weight. But she's also very coordinated for her age and is especially good at the trampoline since we purchased a miniature one about a year ago. She's always loved jumping and being upside down, so as you can imagine, she is thrilled each week to go to her class
Dan is so proud of everything she does, of course and really loves going with her. She's contracted a cough in the past few days, it's come so quickly and was up last night for a couple hours hacking. I told Dan I didn't think it was a good idea for her to go. But he really wanted to take her. So I stuck a Triaminic C patch on her chest and sent her off.

She brought her dolly in and asked if she could take a picture with her. She's just a two-and-a-half year old loving life. Ginnie Ann is a real joy.

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Solomon said...

That little girl is sure a cutie! And so is Ginnie:) - Just kidding, I realize the baby is just a doll. Anyway, it sounds like Ginnie and Dan have a lot of fun together. Rach, you should add our blog to your list. Go see it when you get a chance:
Love you all!

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