Saturday, October 25

Still Alive

I had a blast in Utah with only Ang to worry about the entire time.  It was a much needed break, and so nice to spend time with sister's and brother's.  The weddings were wonderful. I LOVED every minute staying up till two every morning talking to a sibling or two and getting to catch up on things.  I so admire and love all of my siblings.  I'm truly rich in my relationships.

 Other than that, back to life.  We've been spending much time at the Library, and I've been a bit of a couch potato recently as I've discovered the Library's large selection of videos, and books.  It seems that every day is a party...but I make sure the kids and I do our share of chores each day to keep up with our beautiful home.
It took them a while to get into the swing of things with me and Angela back home.  They were re-exploring bounds for the first few days back, and were pretty out of control, but are back to their normal to get ready for company next weekend.  Dan is pinning on Major, and his brother and sister and kids are coming to celebrate that and Halloween with us.
I'm excited, but anxious to make sure everything's just right.
I've got to steam clean our carpeted rooms (only a few are carpeted), and unpack the rest of our bedroom and closet (my last two projects).  I'm loving our home more and more as I figure out how to decorate and make it feel comfortable and exciting to live in.
Dan and I have been trying to rediscover a romance that seemed to go out the window with kids.  We've been watching movies and doing other little activities here and there to reconnect.  We love each other though it's hard and seems like we're from different planets much of the time.  I do believe we are officially over the honeymoon phase.  Now, hopefully we can step up to a new level of love and adventure in married life.  Life is good.   We enjoy our kids, and I am so grateful he is their Daddy. 

We really feel loved here in Ohio.  We've received several visits from our Home Teachers, been invited to people's houses for dinner several times, and have already made plenty of good friends.  This is the most wonderful place to live in out of all the places we've lived and that's saying a lot.  I would settle here in a second if the cost of flying to see other family members wasn't so expensive.  We'll see when the time comes if it's in the cards.  Meanwhile, I hope to take advantage of every opportunity and blessing here...
Still Ohio's number one fan!

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Jenks said...

Oh, I love Ohio too! Reading your blog brought back many memmories of my nanny days in Cincinnati. Glad you had a good time in Utah.

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