Sunday, October 26


My birthday has been the best!
I went to Young Women's for the first time.  I am second counselor in the Presidency over thirteen beehives-all good girls, all kind to each other from what I hear.  They seem to be a tight group, really looking out for one another.  I'm a bit overwhelmed at learning my responsibilities and getting to know all their names...and especially the idea that I am the LEADER, rather than just one of the Young Women.

This morning just before we headed out the door for Church, Daniel pointed out a rather large pile of boxes stacked in the living room.  They were my Birthday gifts.  He got me a new vacuum (did I mention I LOVE to vacuum?), the spot-lifter power cleaner by Bissell, a new movie and a new game.  We just finished eating my cake, a double layered spice cake with cream cheese frosting which the kids helped to decorate.  We had three candles; a two, three and six.  So apparently, my husband thinks I'm six-hundred and twenty-three years old.  I knew he thought I was wise beyond my age:)

It's been a great birthday, and so far I've received two phone calls, five birthday cards, and about eight happy birthday wishes on facebook.  It's good to be loved.

I have especially felt the love of my Father in Heaven today which I appreciate very much.  I'm grateful for His influence in my life.  I wouldn't be nearly as happy as I am without Him to lead me every step of the way.
I love all my family and friends and most especially my elder brother, Jesus Christ.  I owe Him everything I enjoy.


JAG said...

Glad to hear you had a fun birthday. Sorry we didn't get around to calling you.

BTW, do you mind if we come visit you in November? Hopefully that will help make up for missing Dan's pinning ceremony this week.

Jenks said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am currently serving as 1st counselor in young womens.. but we only have about 13 girls total...8 active in all YW. Its fun, I LOVE it! AGAIN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Jessica Rowley said...

Happy Birthday, I am happy that you had a great day!!

Nocella Clan said...

Happy Birthday! Conrats on your new calling. I had been in young womens for so many years, I finally stopped counting. It's crazy when the young women you have an influence over start sending you wedding ann., and baby ann.! I think being in the young womens presidency is a wonderful blessing, good luck to you. I love your blog background!!!

Suzie said...

Well Happy Birthday!!!! I love you and Miss you!!!! I am so glad you had a great day! And a new vacumme! NICE! Enjoy your calling I think its a prefect fit for you! HUGS and LOVE!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great day Rachael. I'm happy that life is treating you so well. Your kids are beautiful! Funny enough, I've been the 2nd counselor in the YW for almost five years now. Two years in Houston, and almost three years here in Santa Clara. I will probably get a release soon, which will be a very sad day. I love the young women. If you need any tips just send me an email. I'm full of advice and ideas.

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