Sunday, October 26


My birthday has been the best!
I went to Young Women's for the first time.  I am second counselor in the Presidency over thirteen beehives-all good girls, all kind to each other from what I hear.  They seem to be a tight group, really looking out for one another.  I'm a bit overwhelmed at learning my responsibilities and getting to know all their names...and especially the idea that I am the LEADER, rather than just one of the Young Women.

This morning just before we headed out the door for Church, Daniel pointed out a rather large pile of boxes stacked in the living room.  They were my Birthday gifts.  He got me a new vacuum (did I mention I LOVE to vacuum?), the spot-lifter power cleaner by Bissell, a new movie and a new game.  We just finished eating my cake, a double layered spice cake with cream cheese frosting which the kids helped to decorate.  We had three candles; a two, three and six.  So apparently, my husband thinks I'm six-hundred and twenty-three years old.  I knew he thought I was wise beyond my age:)

It's been a great birthday, and so far I've received two phone calls, five birthday cards, and about eight happy birthday wishes on facebook.  It's good to be loved.

I have especially felt the love of my Father in Heaven today which I appreciate very much.  I'm grateful for His influence in my life.  I wouldn't be nearly as happy as I am without Him to lead me every step of the way.
I love all my family and friends and most especially my elder brother, Jesus Christ.  I owe Him everything I enjoy.

Saturday, October 25

Still Alive

I had a blast in Utah with only Ang to worry about the entire time.  It was a much needed break, and so nice to spend time with sister's and brother's.  The weddings were wonderful. I LOVED every minute staying up till two every morning talking to a sibling or two and getting to catch up on things.  I so admire and love all of my siblings.  I'm truly rich in my relationships.

 Other than that, back to life.  We've been spending much time at the Library, and I've been a bit of a couch potato recently as I've discovered the Library's large selection of videos, and books.  It seems that every day is a party...but I make sure the kids and I do our share of chores each day to keep up with our beautiful home.
It took them a while to get into the swing of things with me and Angela back home.  They were re-exploring bounds for the first few days back, and were pretty out of control, but are back to their normal to get ready for company next weekend.  Dan is pinning on Major, and his brother and sister and kids are coming to celebrate that and Halloween with us.
I'm excited, but anxious to make sure everything's just right.
I've got to steam clean our carpeted rooms (only a few are carpeted), and unpack the rest of our bedroom and closet (my last two projects).  I'm loving our home more and more as I figure out how to decorate and make it feel comfortable and exciting to live in.
Dan and I have been trying to rediscover a romance that seemed to go out the window with kids.  We've been watching movies and doing other little activities here and there to reconnect.  We love each other though it's hard and seems like we're from different planets much of the time.  I do believe we are officially over the honeymoon phase.  Now, hopefully we can step up to a new level of love and adventure in married life.  Life is good.   We enjoy our kids, and I am so grateful he is their Daddy. 

We really feel loved here in Ohio.  We've received several visits from our Home Teachers, been invited to people's houses for dinner several times, and have already made plenty of good friends.  This is the most wonderful place to live in out of all the places we've lived and that's saying a lot.  I would settle here in a second if the cost of flying to see other family members wasn't so expensive.  We'll see when the time comes if it's in the cards.  Meanwhile, I hope to take advantage of every opportunity and blessing here...
Still Ohio's number one fan!

Friday, October 10


Hyrum and Ginnie wanted to dress in their costumes this morning after taking shower's.  I figured since I have no camera except on my computer with which to take pictures, and since we'll have a house full of guests for 
Dan's pin-on event the day of Halloween, I most likely will forget to come in and have them pose.  So here they are.  If you can't tell, they really love their costumes.  I'm not sure they would have cared what they were for Halloween.  It's a pretty new and exciting concept-so they're thrilled about the whole idea.  Life is bliss when you're young.

Thursday, October 9

What's new?

We discovered yesterday and I let Hyrum and Ginnie explore - watch little clips from their favorite shows, play little games and color to their heart's content.
Other than this fun discovery, Angela Faye is now sitting up pretty well and scooting forward, it looks like half scooting and half crawling.  When she sees a toy within five feet of her, she scoots her little knees up under her bum, lifts her bum into the air while pushing up and forward with her hands or elbows.  She's quick, and it comes very naturally to her.  She did it for the first time at three am a couple days ago, and I couldn't believe my eyes.  With a burst of adrenaline, she'd grab a small red toy that I'd placed in front of her about a foot out of reach.  Within just a few seconds, she'd retrieve the toy to my amazement.  My other two didn't start crawling until nine months.  Here my little Ang is still a week away from turning six months.  Dan's youngest sister, Sharon started walking at seven months old-that is just unbelievable to me...I'm really hoping Ang doesn't try something like that.
   I love watching this girl.  There's no limits on what she can do.  She is so determined.  I've never seen such spirit in such a petite little baby.  She's always on the go, always exercising and moving. 
She wants to grow up so fast, but I don't want her to because she's been the most fun baby I've ever taken care of...from the time she was born.  I just love my little angel fairy.  She's a delight to have around.  And I LOVE that I have two daughters.
    I painted both their toe nails bright red yesterday with a stripe of shimmering white.  Daughters are the best thing ever invented next to Stephen's Raspberry Hot Chocolate.
Of course I love my son as well-but there's just a completely different sort of bond between mother's and daughter's.  It's beyond words.  So grateful that the Lord holds back on what we think we want...and gives us what would bring the greatest amount of joy in the long run.  I cannot believe I wanted all boys so badly before my first little princess came.

I have two aunts with all boys.  I believe it takes a special sort of woman to raise all boys.  One of those aunt's has always wanted a little girl...I hope she is blessed with a grand daughter first, and some wonderful daughter-in-laws.

A for me, I know I am greatly blessed!

Sunday, October 5

I Hear Wedding Bells!

Not only was General Conference amazing, but to top off a great day, my sister, who for a short time postponed her engagement, is basically eloping next weekend, and I get to go with little Ang.  I've never witnessed anyone eloping, so I'll tell ya how it goes ;)   The coolest thing is that my other sister has also been planning on being married that weekend for much longer.  So not only one, but two of my sister's are marrying great men!  I love both guys to pieces, and am oh so glad I had just enough in my checking account to be able to purchase a ticket.  Now, just to get through the next week living off what we have...sounds like some of my food storage may just come in handy about now.


I LOVED General Conference yesterday. I wanted to share some things that really stuck out to me.
In Elder L. Tom Perry's talk about spiritual benefits of a simplified lifestyle, he mentioned that with the ups and downs of life, we shouldn't let stress and anxiety get the better part of us. He also mentioned the basic needs we have which are: food, sleep, clothing, shelter and fuel.

I could do much better at eating foods that sustain my body and mind. He mentioned that our spirits and bodies are perfectly intertwined and connected and that whatever good or bad we do to our body, will affect the level to which our spirits are able to perform or have influence in our daily choices and attitudes. We have the Word of Wisdom, which when followed (refraining from drinking strong drinks which are addictive, refraining from smoking, making sure to get the rest we need, eating meat sparingly, eating whole grains and herbs, fruits and vegetables in thanksgiving, in their seasons-and so on) we are promised in Doctrine and Covenants 89:18-20:
"And all saints who remember to keep and do these sayings, walking in obedience to the commandments, shall receive health in their navel and marrow to their bones; And shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures; And shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint.
And I, the Lord, give unto them a promise, that the destroying angel shall pass by them, as the children of Israel, and not slay them. Amen."

Rest for our minds and bodies also plays an important role in our overall well-being. It helps us to have a clear and alert mind in order to avoid more successfully destructive behaviors, such as addiction, loosing our tempers and speaking harshly to those around us. Our efforts to keep the commandments are strengthened when we're well rested.

Modesty in dress, in mind and intent, invites the spirit. Casual dress invites casual manner. It affects the way we act and the way others portray us. We must send the right messages as to who we are and what we represent. I could certainly improve in this area. Sometimes I get a little worldly and want to be fashionable. But I'm really a down-to-earth, loving person...I mean I love everyone and I don't want people looking at me and thinking I'm high maintenance or unapproachable because of the way I dress. So despite my desire to feel feminine, young and beautiful after the exhaustion and joys of Mommy hood, I may not want to wear high heels and jeans to the grocery store (did it just yesterday). I didn't feel quite like myself. Felt like I was trying to be above (literally, I'm kind a tall) other people, especially those who were much shorter than me to begin with. So, although this may be a silly example, I know for myself that this is one I could certainly improve in.

For shelter, he talked about living within our means and learning to simply be comfortable with what we have and really need and not striving to gain more materials or wealth and status. He said to save for a rainy day.

And lastly, he spoke of spiritual fuel-the importance of acquiring a knowledge of God's eternal plan and our place in it. We need to comply with inspired counsel and direction once we've gained a foundation and sought it out.

I loved this talk. I could absolutely tell when the Lord was speaking to me through his Apostle. The gift of the Spirit is a marvelous and wonderful gift.

The second and third talks that I really enjoyed were Neil L. Andersen's about how we don't know everything, but we know enough, and someone else's about how there are angels who are truly helping us through our struggles while here in mortality.

So first, I loved Elder Andersen's words about the fact that we each have personal moments of power, personal inspiration. We need to settle these things in our hearts, really let them sink in. He says that these spiritual reservoirs will sustain us through the storms of life. Once again, he reminded us of the truth that faith cannot co-exist with fear and recited the words of our Savior, "Be not afraid, only believe". 
Our faith becomes more simple and pure, but more powerful as we strive to keep our covenants and to live the gospel. I liked this little saying; "In righteousness, there is great simplicity." Just as the Lord counsels through many of His Prophet's, we are to become as little children, humble, meek, submissive, forgiving.
In the end, Jesus will make everything alright. Elder Andersen related a sweet little story about a little girl who was deaf and learning to talk. At an airport, she noticed a little boy without legs in a wheelchair and asked her mother in a rather loud voice, "Why doesn't that boy have legs?" The mother's gentle response was, "Heavenly Father makes all of His children different." The little girl went right over to the boy, and said something like, "When I was born, my ears didn't work. Heavenly Father made me special. Heavenly Father made you without legs and that makes you special. When Jesus comes, he will make my ears work and your legs work."
She had a simple knowledge of the resurrection that Jesus Christ made possible for us, and that all things will be made new again. She didn't know it all, but she knew enough to share a simple testimony with someone else.

For some reason, I can't remember who spoke of angels who are mortal and immortal who are helping us and strengthening us in our time of weakness and trial. I guess I was so completely entranced that I didn't think to write anything down. But it was a great reminder to me, that when we feel alone and overly burdened, that we have a huge support system. I realized that there are angels all around us by way of family and friends as well. We can be each other's angels. A quick prayer for someone who seems to be struggling, a kind word or friendly smile. I know a few in particular who have been my angels in the past. I had a friend at our last house who would call every once in a while. We met in a movie theater and became good "phone" friends for nearly the entire three years I lived there. But, she seemed to call at just the moments I was needing not only someone to talk to, but just to know that someone cared. She gave me loads of clothes and toys for my children, and because of her generosity, I could give more to others as well. I will forever be grateful that my sweet and loving Father sent an angel my way at a time and in a place that I seemed to have one trial after another. I hope with all of my heart that she is blessed with anything and everything that her heart desires because of the way she chooses to live her life each day in the service of others. This friend also happened to have much opposition within her own family because she was doing what's best for her children in staying home and taking care of them like no one but a mother could.
We can be on the Lord's errand at all times if we seek for opportunities.

Dallin H. Oaks' talk about the holiness and sacredness of Sacrament Meeting. I know I needed to be reminded about the necessity of reverence and quiet contemplation about our Savior, His Atonement and teachings during this most vital meeting.

Today, a couple small thoughts that came to me as I listened to the second half of General Conference, was that we must have hope in order for things to happen. Without hope, we cannot have the faith necessary for God to grant us what we desire because it's only after the trial of our faith that he rewards us in his own way and time. We need to recognize when we see those things come to pass that we've desired, and always thank him with full hearts. Prayer is an extremely important principle that we should make a more regular and continuous part of our lives.
For me, I've notice a tremendous difference when I start my day with a sincere, gratitude filled prayer. My abilities seem to be increased three-fold. I literally feel added strength and patience to deal with day to day demands as a wife and mother, housekeeper, cook, and chauffeur. That morning prayer flows into my day as I recognize small experiences and miracles, and then into the evening, when I have an opportunity to once again thank him for so many small details that made my life a little more enjoyable and bearable, and to apologize for mistakes, and plead for help to do a little better tomorrow. 
Truly, God can lighten our load and help us to live life to the fullest. We were created to have joy, after all.

This has been spiritually filling and so beautiful an experience.
I love my Savior Jesus Christ and His gospel. I know that His Atonement and love is real. I want to be ready when he comes again, and I want to share these things with those around me so they too can experience the joy and blessings of knowing Him, and following Him. God's promises are sure.

Saturday, October 4

Tots and Turns

Well, Ginnie's off to her dance/gymnastics class this morning with Daddy. She loves this time with Daddy. He gets to help her with everything from walking across the balance beam, doing forward and backward rolls down an incline, to jumping into a pool full of cushions from a six foot drop. She's definitely the biggest in her group, which is to be expected. She's always been in the upper ninetieth percentile for height and weight. But she's also very coordinated for her age and is especially good at the trampoline since we purchased a miniature one about a year ago. She's always loved jumping and being upside down, so as you can imagine, she is thrilled each week to go to her class
Dan is so proud of everything she does, of course and really loves going with her. She's contracted a cough in the past few days, it's come so quickly and was up last night for a couple hours hacking. I told Dan I didn't think it was a good idea for her to go. But he really wanted to take her. So I stuck a Triaminic C patch on her chest and sent her off.

She brought her dolly in and asked if she could take a picture with her. She's just a two-and-a-half year old loving life. Ginnie Ann is a real joy.

Tots and Turns

Well, Ginnie's off to her dance/gymnastics class this morning with Daddy. She loves this time with Daddy. He gets to help her with everything from walking across the balance beam, doing forward and backward rolls down an incline, jumping into a pool full of cushions from a six foot drop, to

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