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My birthday has been the best!I went to Young Women's for the first time.  I am second counselor in the Presidency over thirteen beehives-all good girls, all kind to each other from what I hear.  They seem to be a tight group, really looking out for one another.  I'm a bit overwhelmed at learning my responsibilities and getting to know all their names...and especially the idea that I am the LEADER, rather than just one of the Young Women.
This morning just before we headed out the door for Church, Daniel pointed out a rather large pile of boxes stacked in the living room.  They were my Birthday gifts.  He got me a new vacuum (did I mention I LOVE to vacuum?), the spot-lifter power cleaner by Bissell, a new movie and a new game.  We just finished eating my cake, a double layered spice cake with cream cheese frosting which the kids helped to decorate.  We had three candles; a two, three and six.  So apparently, my husband thinks I'm six-hundred and twenty-three years old.  I …

Still Alive

I had a blast in Utah with only Ang to worry about the entire time.  It was a much needed break, and so nice to spend time with sister's and brother's.  The weddings were wonderful. I LOVED every minute staying up till two every morning talking to a sibling or two and getting to catch up on things.  I so admire and love all of my siblings.  I'm truly rich in my relationships.
 Other than that, back to life.  We've been spending much time at the Library, and I've been a bit of a couch potato recently as I've discovered the Library's large selection of videos, and books.  It seems that every day is a party...but I make sure the kids and I do our share of chores each day to keep up with our beautiful home.It took them a while to get into the swing of things with me and Angela back home.  They were re-exploring bounds for the first few days back, and were pretty out of control, but are back to their normal to get ready for company next weekend.  Dan…


Hyrum and Ginnie wanted to dress in their costumes this morning after taking shower's.  I figured since I have no camera except on my computer with which to take pictures, and since we'll have a house full of guests for  Dan's pin-on event the day of Halloween, I most likely will forget to come in and have them pose.  So here they are.  If you can't tell, they really love their costumes.  I'm not sure they would have cared what they were for Halloween.  It's a pretty new and exciting concept-so they're thrilled about the whole idea.  Life is bliss when you're young.

What's new?

We discovered yesterday and I let Hyrum and Ginnie explore - watch little clips from their favorite shows, play little games and color to their heart's content.Other than this fun discovery, Angela Faye is now sitting up pretty well and scooting forward, it looks like half scooting and half crawling.  When she sees a toy within five feet of her, she scoots her little knees up under her bum, lifts her bum into the air while pushing up and forward with her hands or elbows.  She's quick, and it comes very naturally to her.  She did it for the first time at three am a couple days ago, and I couldn't believe my eyes.  With a burst of adrenaline, she'd grab a small red toy that I'd placed in front of her about a foot out of reach.  Within just a few seconds, she'd retrieve the toy to my amazement.  My other two didn't start crawling until nine months.  Here my little Ang is still a week away from turning six months.  Dan's youngest sister, Sharon …

I Hear Wedding Bells!

Not only was General Conference amazing, but to top off a great day, my sister, who for a short time postponed her engagement, is basically eloping next weekend, and I get to go with little Ang.  I've never witnessed anyone eloping, so I'll tell ya how it goes ;)   The coolest thing is that my other sister has also been planning on being married that weekend for much longer.  So not only one, but two of my sister's are marrying great men!  I love both guys to pieces, and am oh so glad I had just enough in my checking account to be able to purchase a ticket.Now, just to get through the next week living off what we have...sounds like some of my food storage may just come in handy about now.


I LOVED General Conference yesterday. I wanted to share some things that really stuck out to me.
In Elder L. Tom Perry's talk about spiritual benefits of a simplified lifestyle, he mentioned that with the ups and downs of life, we shouldn't let stress and anxiety get the better part of us. He also mentioned the basic needs we have which are: food, sleep, clothing, shelter and fuel.

I could do much better at eating foods that sustain my body and mind. He mentioned that our spirits and bodies are perfectly intertwined and connected and that whatever good or bad we do to our body, will affect the level to which our spirits are able to perform or have influence in our daily choices and attitudes. We have the Word of Wisdom, which when followed (refraining from drinking strong drinks which are addictive, refraining from smoking, making sure to get the rest we need, eating meat sparingly, eating whole grains and herbs, fruits and vegetables in thanksgiving, in their seasons-and so…

Tots and Turns

Well, Ginnie's off to her dance/gymnastics class this morning with Daddy. She loves this time with Daddy. He gets to help her with everything from walking across the balance beam, doing forward and backward rolls down an incline, to jumping into a pool full of cushions from a six foot drop. She's definitely the biggest in her group, which is to be expected. She's always been in the upper ninetieth percentile for height and weight. But she's also very coordinated for her age and is especially good at the trampoline since we purchased a miniature one about a year ago. She's always loved jumping and being upside down, so as you can imagine, she is thrilled each week to go to her class
Dan is so proud of everything she does, of course and really loves going with her. She's contracted a cough in the past few days, it's come so quickly and was up last night for a couple hours hacking. I told Dan I didn't think it was a good idea for her to go. But he …

Tots and Turns

Well, Ginnie's off to her dance/gymnastics class this morning with Daddy. She loves this time with Daddy. He gets to help her with everything from walking across the balance beam, doing forward and backward rolls down an incline, jumping into a pool full of cushions from a six foot drop, to