We had a ward Primary Talent Show last night. Hyrum and Ginnie sang Called to Serve. They weren't a bit shy-they went up and sang two verses without second thought (this was all Hyrum-his memory...he just picked it up and sang it over and over with Ginnie following right behind). We got so many compliments that night and the next day from anyone and everyone. Even while Dan was running this morning-someone honked and said-"Dan Wheeler, you're kids were great last night!"
I was laughing and almost crying most of their performance because of how unshy they were and Ginnie kept going in and out from the microphone. She really found her voice toward the middle of the second verse.
I was so proud.

One thing I really love about here is that I'm constantly running into people I know-and already have a big group of friends, all young Mom's-all awesome. I'm so grateful to be here!!


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