Taking a BIG break from unpacking

This is my haircut...I layered it about a month ago but had to fix it and just found the haircutting things to give the boys a haircut. I must say, theirs turned out better than ever. When we were first married, it took me two hours to cut Daniel's hair. Now after five years of marriage, it usually doesn't take more than ten minutes to do either Dan or Hyrum. They look handsome, if I can manage, I'll sneak a picture of both of them soon.
And this is me and my little Princess. She also wanted a haircut, so I trimmed hers just a little. She's got to do everything her brother does, what can I say?


Jessica Rowley said…
Cute, I like it, I wish that I could get my hair that long once in my life, but I get too impatient and chop it off.
rachael said…
I know what you mean. I'm having a race with my sister-in-law who also has that problem. We're not sure what the reward will be, but it's a two year contest.
I love the hair cut! you are such a beautiful person inside and out, I'm so glad your my sister-in-law :)
by the way, I love the green wall color with the white molding and wooden floors, do you like it?
rachael said…
I love this whole house. It's absolutely gorgeous. Someone knew what they were doing. You'll have to come visit sometime, it's a work of art if I ever saw one. You'd probably love it as much as I do.

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