Monday, September 29


After having no power for three days, I noticed exactly what we're really needing in case of emergencies.
Here are some things that most people don't really think about that I'm rounding up.
-Extra cash
-Important Documents
-Camping Stove
-Chain Saw
-Trash bags
-Utinsels (plastic and paper)
-Extra batteries
-More water
-First Aid Kit

I feel such a need to really be prepared


Lanna said...

Don't forget feminine hygiene products. :)

rachael said...

Thanks Lanna, that's important too!

rachael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hart Family said...

Rach! We got the direct hit from IKE; I didn't realize how far inland the effects were. Check out our blog when you have a minute.
Love ya

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