As some of you know, we got a bit of the aftermath of Texas hurricane last Sunday by way of a wind storm. It knocked over our second biggest tree in the front yard and we lost power for three days which was an adventure. So many people came to our aid. We have an awesome community and ward and we didn't lack a thing. Actually, we were quite pampered. So here's the pictures that I managed to get before dropping our digital camera off the top of the refrigerator (in a hurry to go) and busting it. Dan spent all of Monday chopping up what he could with his heavy duty trimmers, and some guys from the ward came over with their tools to help with the trunk later that evening.


Wow, that is so sad, but I am very glad to hear that you are all okay. Without power for 3 days huh! I bet that was an adventure. We had that happen for a day, and I thought it was a difficult...it made me realize that I need to get better prepared for next time it happens.
Jessica Rowley said…
I am glad you are all okay. That is a huge tree. I bet you will miss the shade. That is awesome that you have such great neighbors.
Suzie said…
SO glad you are all OK - that looks like it was super huge! (at least compared to wimpy Ca trees!!!!)

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