Sunday, August 3

On the Road

   It's been fun seeing old friends from our dating days here in Colorado.  Still feels like home.
Time to keep going on our trek across the country.
Next stop, Omaha.  Then on to Rochester, MN to visit a couple of Dan's brothers and their little families.
   So glad we're finally back together and feeling like a family again.  After being apart for a while, it takes some adjusting.
   Everyone's sick except me now.  I got it first minus the cough.  Grateful I'm well enough to take care of everyone.  Dan's glad he's back with the family especially because he has a mommy/wife to take care of him.  He's got a fever and I really hope he sleeps well tonight because we have some driving to do tomorrow.  I'm going to take all the kids with me in the van so he doesn't have to worry about them.
   We've discovered something new about little Ang.  We think she's going to be a lefty.  She's advanced in many ways...seemingly determined to do anything and everything before her time.  She's grabbing and playing with toys like a pro and each time she does, her left hand gets there first and opens more quickly than her right.  She's obviously had a bit more practice with her left.  I have a feeling she's going to be into EVERYTHING when she's old enough.  She's the most entertaining baby to watch because of her determination and animated personality.  On top of her new found motor skills, she's discovered her voice which she loves to hear squeal in high pitched tones.  She's even started to say what sounds like "ma" when complaining and there's no mistaking how she's feeling at any given moment because of her facial and vocal expressions-an amazing communicator for a three month old.
   I just love her more every day and we're so grateful to have her as a part of our family.  Kids are such a blessing and joy to have around.
   Although Angela cried most of the first trip from LA to UT, she seems to be getting the hang of being in the car.  As long as she has someone or something to entertain her, she's good.
   Anyhow, I'd better get to bed so I can wake up early to get the cars loaded and get going.

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Nocella Clan said...

Be safe! I hope everyone feels better.

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