Saturday, August 9


We're staying at Dan's younger brother Steven's house with  his wife and two sons.  I've loved our stay here.  They are two of the best people I've ever met...and have made us feel welcome and comfortable.
I couldn't be more blessed when it  comes to in-laws.  And I'm not sure how many people can say that.
It's been a party.  Minnesota is beautiful and green and the people here seem to be more down to earth than most in Los Angeles.
Though it's been hard on the kids to travel and move so much from place to place, it's been a big treat for all of us being able to spend so much time with family and some friends.

My two girls are really enjoying getting to know one another.  One of the best parts of motherhood is watching siblings interact.

Any time Angela sees or hears either her brother or sister, she immediately directs her attention toward them and starts squealing, talking baby talk, and trying for all she's worth to get their attention.

She'll be four months old soon.  And as is consistent with her personality, she's eager to do everything before her time.

We can sit her on her bum and she balances with her hands in front to the sides a little, bent pretty far forward, nonetheless, she can hold herself there for quite a while.  I would have never known had Hyrum not just sat her that way one day.
I've let her suck on a nectarine and a couple other things, and if I pull it away, she gets a little mad.  So I don't think she'll be picky.
Having fun watching my children grow and learn new things.

I played with Ginnie and Hyrum at the park for close to three hours yesterday and realized as I sat and played imaginary games in the dirt, that so much time has gone by since I really played with them like that.  Where have I been for the last six months?   They've changed into more mature, smarter, more imaginative and a little bigger kids.  They're so much fun to hang out with when my focus is right.  I'd still like to improve in the area of playing with them more often.

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