Sunday, August 24

Growing Up, Having Fun in Ohio

We're still here in temporary housing. Our house will be ready on Thursday for the movers and for closing.
I've been here a week and already know probably a quarter of the people in the ward. I've gone to five (eight if I include non-church related ones) activities this week...that helps a lot. Already feel like I'm a long time member of their Relief Society because of how welcome they've made me feel and I've thrown myself into it. They love sports as much as I do and we've had volleyball and softball practices this week-and yesterday, at the Stake tournament, my first hit was a home run. My second hit, I only made it to first base but the sister behind me made a home run, I nearly pulled both my hamstrings so I had to sit down with ice on both of them for the rest of the time. I was satisfied though and it was fun even though I really overexerted myself.
The first Sunday here, so many people welcomed us I can't even remember half of them, and a family invited us over for dinner. Talk about on the ball.
One mom who is about my age isn't military, and has been here a little longer than me. She hates not knowing anyone, and I'm realizing how much you simply learn to get really involved quickly in order to make the best of each assignment. I'm trying to help her to feel more welcome and a part of things because I understand how it is when you're not used to moving around. I really love it here. One of about ten families has been here for a long time. Otherwise, I hear, families come and go as they are mostly military or just students with young families. The Young family, I've gotten to know already pretty well. I absolutely love them. Their fifteen year-old son watched Angela while I practiced volleyball in the gym. Each time I went to check on her, he was either singing to or playing with her. He's extremely talented in piano and voice. I wanted to stay just to listen to him. He was obviously having the time of his life with her. And I'm sure she enjoyed every minute of it. So sweet.

At a book store here, they have bi-weekly story time. On Saturday's they have themes for their story time. It's more than I ever imagined, I mean the kids do a craft related to the theme and have treats each time. This week, we read a Fancy Nancy book, made princess crowns and feather fans, they handed out stickers and little paper dolls with different outfits, and brought pink princess cookies served with milk. Everything here seems to be geared toward young families and people go all out to make the children in their lives their main priority...complete opposite from most in Los Angeles.

They just reorganized the RS Presidency. I'm excited to really get involved with everyone and everything. I want a calling.
It may take a while since there are so many new families due to the semester starting soon at more than one University here.
There are tons of YM and YW and two nursery's. Hyrum has two Sunbeam classes out of which I think there are two girls and the rest boys. So Hyrum has already found plenty of buddy's to hang out with.

We just signed Ginnie up for gymnastics/dance. I've just got to get her started on something. She's so talented and after the open gym yesterday, she's really excited. She's going to the older nursery since that's where she went the first time, and I tried taking her to the younger one since she is supposed to go there, but when she walked in, they were all babies/toddlers, half of which were crying and with runny noses. Ginnie took one look and wanted nothing to do with it. So, since she doesn't have a problem keeping up with the older ones, and feels that she fits in better there, they said they don't mind her going there. They were playing with play-dough at the beginning. Ginnie is pretty mature and tall for her age. So I'm glad they let her stay where she feels comfortable.

We're trying to get Hyrum into pre-school but we'll see if there are any openings. I happen to not be very good at working with him consistently on letters and numbers. I mean, I have always read to him a whole lot and he's picked up plenty that way-but I just can't fill in for pre-school. So I'm crossing my fingers hoping there is an opening for him at one school in particular.

Just hanging out on the chair

Angela is a crazy girl. She grabs whatever is in front of her with precision and strength and doesn't let go easily. Today, Ginnie was holding her peanut butter and honey sandwich eating it close to baby Ang while Daniel held her, when without warning, before Daniel had a chance to do anything about it, she had a handful of it in her mouth eating it. She did it twice in a row. That's how she is whenever she sees and smells any kind of food. She gets all hyperactive and complains, reaches for it with all her might. She's practically jumped out of my arms quite a few times-I have to be strong with her. When we put her down on her belly, she scoots to the side, backwards, almost spastically because she's so eager to just get going. She scoots backwards on her back as well, pushing her feet against the floor and arching her entire back off the floor like it's nothing. I don't know what I'm to do with her. It's the craziest thing seeing such a petite little powerhouse. She's going to be crawling any time now at this rate. She's got a feisty aggressive side that I'd seen little of until recently.

I'm excited to see my kids excel at their talents and to just learn outside our home as well as in.


JAG said...

I am sooooo....glad that you are finding your niche there in Ohio and finding some 'kindred spirits' among the good people of Ohio. It makes all the difference in the world when you can find a friend and people who like and eventullly love you for who you are. We had such a great time with y'all here. Thanks for spending time with us, even though I got a little stir crazy. Hope you don't hold that against me!!!! BTW, I haven't cut my hair since you is your hair doin? We still need to decide on a any ideas?

Give all your kiddo's a big hug and kiss from Aunt Janus.

Joe and Kelsey said...

Sounds like you're really liking your new "home". Moving is so hard, but enjoying your new place makes the transition so much easier.

Understand the whole preschool thing. We moved in May and still weren't able to get our daughter in a reasonable (ie, affordable) preschool. And like you, I'm not so sure how good I'll be at the whole "teacher" role...

rachael said...

Alright Janus, we gotta make it something good. I was thinkin' a broadway musical, but that may be a little too expensive. But we can save for it-in two years, let's plan for it. I really want to see Les Miserables'. Any ideas? I'd go for Phantom of the Opera too.

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