Monday, August 18

Hello Ohio!

We've FINALLY reached our destination. Got here Saturday night and had Church early Sunday morning. Our ward is only about FOUR times the size of our old one. There are lots of young families and teenagers and older, middle-aged couples.

I've gone to a playgroup this morning, I've got volleyball and softball practices, a lunch bunch (potluck and playing), a softball tournament to go to this week. The gym on base has a play area right next to the treadmills.
Our house is literally across the street from the mall which has Target and Walmart, Best Buy, Kohls and many other shopping places within a few blocks of each other.
We live within walking distance of the Elementary School, and the biggest city park.

On top of all these things, it's beautiful, green-lots of trees and openness. I can BREATHE for the first time in three years.

I've already got a couple friends and met plenty of others, a babysitter lined up and feel so welcome. Have I died and gone to Heaven? I feel like I've come out of Sodom and Gomorra and entered the city of Enoch -- okay, okay maybe a little over the top, but seriously, compared to the last place I lived, I feel like I'm in Heaven. I'll let ya know when reality hits.
I was feeling overwhelmed to say the least at the task of settling in and just figuring out where things are, what my schedule is going to be, etc.
Now that I've spent the day organizing my schedule, getting directions to various activities, and cleaning the temporary house (yes, house) that the military has given us to stay in for the next couple weeks before our new house will be ready for us, I feel a whole lot more excited about things.

So many people to get to know. So much to be happy about.

I'm already Ohio's number one fan.

If it wasn't so far away from both our families, I'd highly consider coming back here when we retire.


Cook Family said...

I lived by the mall too, but not walking distance to the church. I'd love to hear what your new address will be.

Also, what gym did you go to? I don't recall a play area next to the treadmills. I'm jealous. They didn't have that when I lived there. I would retire to Ohio in a heart beat.

rachael said...

Ya, we're within walking distance-we'd just have to give ourselves' a half a day's walk. It's how well I listened when Dan told me it was ten-fifteen minutes away (driving). My mistake, thanks for calling me on it.

Nocella Clan said...

I am so happy for you. It sounds like Ohio is just right for you. I'm sorry Pedro was so bad. I've lived here for 23 years and plan to be in "Sodom and Gomorra" for a long time. I love the natives, Pedro people that is!!!!! Military people just don't get Pedro and most of you guys don't want to, and trust me...that's OK.

Suzie said...

I am so glad you are happy there it sounds wonderful! Take pictures of your new house soon!

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