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Growing Up, Having Fun in Ohio

We're still here in temporary housing. Our house will be ready on Thursday for the movers and for closing.
I've been here a week and already know probably a quarter of the people in the ward. I've gone to five (eight if I include non-church related ones) activities this week...that helps a lot. Already feel like I'm a long time member of their Relief Society because of how welcome they've made me feel and I've thrown myself into it. They love sports as much as I do and we've had volleyball and softball practices this week-and yesterday, at the Stake tournament, my first hit was a home run. My second hit, I only made it to first base but the sister behind me made a home run, I nearly pulled both my hamstrings so I had to sit down with ice on both of them for the rest of the time. I was satisfied though and it was fun even though I really overexerted myself.
The first Sunday here, so many people welcomed us I can't even remember half of them…

Rustic Aviation Park

This is by far the most amazing park I've ever seen. It's almost all wood and is HUGE. I can only capture so much on camera. But it's fun for all ages. Dan and I were equally as excited to explore and play as the kids were. Enjoy!

The Zoo

Hey, where did you come from Dad?

While in Minnesota, we went to the zoo with my sister-in-law and her daughter. Unfortunately, I didn't have much space on my camera, so the few pictures I got were mostly of the fish tank. These are pretty cool though.

Hello Ohio!

We've FINALLY reached our destination. Got here Saturday night and had Church early Sunday morning. Our ward is only about FOUR times the size of our old one. There are lots of young families and teenagers and older, middle-aged couples.

I've gone to a playgroup this morning, I've got volleyball and softball practices, a lunch bunch (potluck and playing), a softball tournament to go to this week. The gym on base has a play area right next to the treadmills.
Our house is literally across the street from the mall which has Target and Walmart, Best Buy, Kohls and many other shopping places within a few blocks of each other.
We live within walking distance of the Elementary School, and the biggest city park.

On top of all these things, it's beautiful, green-lots of trees and openness. I can BREATHE for the first time in three years.

I've already got a couple friends and met plenty of others, a babysitter lined up and feel so welcome. Have I died and gone to Heaven? I…
"And he who is faithful shall overcome all things and shall be lifted up at the last day." Doctrine and Covenants 75:16

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We're staying at Dan's younger brother Steven's house with  his wife and two sons.  I've loved our stay here.  They are two of the best people I've ever met...and have made us feel welcome and comfortable.I couldn't be more blessed when it  comes to in-laws.  And I'm not sure how many people can say that. It's been a party.  Minnesota is beautiful and green and the people here seem to be more down to earth than most in Los Angeles. Though it's been hard on the kids to travel and move so much from place to place, it's been a big treat for all of us being able to spend so much time with family and some friends.
My two girls are really enjoying getting to know one another.  One of the best parts of motherhood is watching siblings interact.
Any time Angela sees or hears either her brother or sister, she immediately directs her attention toward them and starts squealing, talking baby talk, and trying for all she's worth to get their attention.

The Wheeler's

We've been visiting two of Dan's married brother's out of three.  And pretty much all of my kids' Wheeler cousins other than themselves.These are two out of four families I haven't had much of a chance at getting to know.  Tonight, we went over to Dan's oldest brother's house and had a delicious dinner and homemade icecream.  We drew on the sidewalk with chalk, played in the backyard and I had the funnest time getting to know my sister-in-law whom I thought I didn't have much of anything in common with.  Come to find out we have more in common than most I talk to.   It was great to see different sides of her than the few I've seen because of lack of opportunity to really get to know her. One thing I've really come to realize is that everyone has their own trials that they're dealing with.  No matter what we may think we see on the outside, we never know what is going on.  That's why I love really getting to know other people and why they a…

On the Road

It's been fun seeing old friends from our dating days here in Colorado.  Still feels like home. Time to keep going on our trek across the country. Next stop, Omaha.  Then on to Rochester, MN to visit a couple of Dan's brothers and their little families.    So glad we're finally back together and feeling like a family again.  After being apart for a while, it takes some adjusting.    Everyone's sick except me now.  I got it first minus the cough.  Grateful I'm well enough to take care of everyone.  Dan's glad he's back with the family especially because he has a mommy/wife to take care of him.  He's got a fever and I really hope he sleeps well tonight because we have some driving to do tomorrow.  I'm going to take all the kids with me in the van so he doesn't have to worry about them.    We've discovered something new about little Ang.  We think she's going to be a lefty.  She's advanced in many ways...seemingly determined to do anythin…