Saturday, July 12

Well, we found a house.  If you want the address, you'll have to email me at my gmail account.  Still loving visiting with my family.  So much going on, tons of people to play outside with on the trampoline, to talk to, watch movies with.
It's been heaven.  I can't wait till my kids are old enough to really get out and play sports with.  It's always been a big stress outlet for me and great bonding for relationships.

Not sure I want to leave.


Our Family Happenings said...

Oh cute kids! I love being around family. It is the best! I saw Alma today...his wife is due today with their second child..a boy. Thought you might want to know, I don't know if you still keep in touch with them or not. Glad to hear you found a house, I will have to get your address through e-mail.

JAG said...

So happy you found a house. Glad that you are having a fun time with your family. We are looking forward to seeing you in August.

You're kids look quite grown up, of course we haven't seen them for it will be good to see y'all and catch up.


Cook Family said...

I'd love to get some info on your house, i.e. city, size, etc. Since I lived there, I can recommend some great places to visit. BTW, I left a magazine on Ohio on your doorstep before I left for Japan. I hope you got it.

Suzie said...

I am soo happy that you are having a great time, you deserve it! And you found a house awesome! Post some pictures for us to see! Love you and miss you tons!

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