Sunday, July 6

  This will be quick and short because I need to get the kids to bed.  But I've had a some marvelous experiences today.
  The lesson in Sunday School just hit home for me.  I look back on the many trials our family experienced at our last assignment and it all makes sense.  It's clear to me now what I've gained from those trials and how I can best move forward in my growth and be so much better than I was capable of being in the past.  My heart is full of gratitude for this realization.  I have no regrets in the way we handled our trials because God was near through it all and He simply showed us the better way.
  Angela's blessing was beautiful.  And it was wonderful to have family surrounding us on her special day.  I couldn't have more amazing daughters.  I see in them all that I desire to be myself.  Here are some pictures.  With all of my heart, I am grateful to my Father in Heaven for sending these children to our home.  I love Him.  I know He is there.  I want to learn to be the type of parent He is.  Someday, I will.


Suzie said...

Oh that is a beautiful picture, thank you for sharing. Everyday makes us better and better people, isn't it neat how that happens? Remember you are awesome! I love you and miss you!

Rich and Jessica said...

I love the picture. Angela is beautiful, and I have never met you husband. I am excited to do so, one of these days. I am hopeful that you can swing by on your way through. Hope to see you soon!

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