Our favorite past time, making faces with Photo Booth.  Even Angela is getting in on the fun!


Suzie said…
OK that last one is my absolute favorite!!!!! that is soo darn cute!!!!
Cute! I like the one with you and Ginnie, it is way cute, but they really all are. You look like you are happy and doing well with 3! I would love to see you if you come here to Colorado, let me know before hand.
J & J Hair Bows said…
Rachael, You have the cutest kids. I am so happy that you found our blog. Please if you are driving through, stop by and visit. We just moved into a house. Charity is about 30 minutes north of us, and Amy just had a baby yesterday. So give me a call. Your mom has my number, or at least my moms. Talk to you soon, Jessica

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