Thursday, June 19

In the last three days, this is what I've accomplished:
  • Cleaned out the van
  • Sorted through mine and all kid's clothes (stored too small or maternity, got rid of other)
  • Finished sorting through kids' toys and packed what we're bringing in the van
  • Went through downstairs closet, got rid of more stuff
  • Did all laundry and packed all mine and kids' clothes for trip
  • Cleaned the entire house, including vacuuming and sweeping, washing counters and mirrors (going to finish the rest of deep cleaning soon as possible)
  • Washed all bedding
  • Dusted downstairs
Things I have yet to do:

  • Sort through office closet
  • Go through both storage closets, get rid of a few things
  • Wash out big trash can
  • Get all addresses of friends
  • Make sure Dan downloads Quicken onto the old laptop for me to bring on the trip to keep track of my finances
  • Continue taking care of three rambunctious kids, feeding, changing, loving, keeping on routine, playing, disciplining, feeding some more.
  • Scrub Master tub
  • Wash master bathroom floor, kitchen floors and downstairs entry and bathroom floor
  • Steam clean all carpets
So glad the kids were good enough today, and that I was feeling good enough to get so much done.  I'll let someone know if I need any help.  I'm planning on leaving on the twenty-fifth...the sooner, the better.  Hyrum has a last dentist appointment and physical next week, then I'm free to fly out of here.  We'll have to wait till we get to Grandma's house to celebrate his fourth birthday which is next Wednesday.
It's so fast.  I'm so happy.


Our Family Happenings said...

Wow, it looks like you were superwoman today! Good job for all of your accomplishments..I need to go through and do a cleaning and a bunch of things too. Good luck with the rest and have a safe drive!

rachel said...

You go girl! It's always nice to feel like you've accomplished some big things!

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