Hair Cut

This morning, before Dan left for work, we had family prayer.  Just five minutes later, I called for Hyrum and Ginnie to come upstairs and do morning chores.  After about ten minutes of folding clothes together, I looked over at Ginnie's hair and noticed a big chunk out of the side front. She told me, "Hywum did it." There were two other areas.  So I had to fix it so it looked decent.  Dan's going to be sad, I'm definitely sad.  It was so beautiful.  Now it's just'll grow back-but unfortunately, she got my genes and it takes a VERY long time to grow.

She's got a comb over and clip to cover up the worst spot-otherwise, I just blended and shortened it quite a bit.  Good thing she's got such a cute personality to make up for the boy-looking bob.  As for Hyrum-he saw how sad and upset I was, and when Dan got home, he also expressed his disappointment.  So, I think he got it.  I told him girls look better with long hair. 


flutietoot said…
I'm so sorry that happened. I do feel your pain. When Alexis was 3 she got a hold of my sissors and cut her long hair. She had absolutely NO bangs and cut all of her length off. I was so sad...all Grant and I could do was send her to bed, and I cried into my pillow. I tried to do the best I could, but eventually I took her into Great Clips and said.."Help Me." The lady that cut her hair was so nice and made it look really cute, but for months, she had a really short hairstyle for the summer.

Alexis hair is now really long, but it has taken her 4+ years to get it to this point. So, we do feel your pain. If it's any consolation, she does look cute and thankfully, hair does matter how slow.
What a cute little poser she is. I think that her hair looks really cute! But I am sorry that it had to get cut that way, and that it takes a long time to grow.

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