Friday, June 13

Hair Cut

This morning, before Dan left for work, we had family prayer.  Just five minutes later, I called for Hyrum and Ginnie to come upstairs and do morning chores.  After about ten minutes of folding clothes together, I looked over at Ginnie's hair and noticed a big chunk out of the side front. She told me, "Hywum did it." There were two other areas.  So I had to fix it so it looked decent.  Dan's going to be sad, I'm definitely sad.  It was so beautiful.  Now it's just'll grow back-but unfortunately, she got my genes and it takes a VERY long time to grow.

She's got a comb over and clip to cover up the worst spot-otherwise, I just blended and shortened it quite a bit.  Good thing she's got such a cute personality to make up for the boy-looking bob.  As for Hyrum-he saw how sad and upset I was, and when Dan got home, he also expressed his disappointment.  So, I think he got it.  I told him girls look better with long hair. 


flutietoot said...

I'm so sorry that happened. I do feel your pain. When Alexis was 3 she got a hold of my sissors and cut her long hair. She had absolutely NO bangs and cut all of her length off. I was so sad...all Grant and I could do was send her to bed, and I cried into my pillow. I tried to do the best I could, but eventually I took her into Great Clips and said.."Help Me." The lady that cut her hair was so nice and made it look really cute, but for months, she had a really short hairstyle for the summer.

Alexis hair is now really long, but it has taken her 4+ years to get it to this point. So, we do feel your pain. If it's any consolation, she does look cute and thankfully, hair does matter how slow.

Our Family Happenings said...

What a cute little poser she is. I think that her hair looks really cute! But I am sorry that it had to get cut that way, and that it takes a long time to grow.

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