Sunday, June 15

Stake Conference

Today was Stake Conference.  It was really good, especially after I sent Dan out to change Angela's diaper-and the other kids to go with him to the nursery so I could enjoy the last half (sneaky, I know).
  It was a great meeting and I left knowing what areas I can work to improve in; grateful for what we already do well; and grateful for my husband, who is an awesome Daddy and really does lead with love, kindness and patience in our home.  I'm so blessed to be raising a family with him.  I love the Gospel so much and all the tools it gives us parents.  We're raising a family, and we're succeeding because the Lord is showing us the way.  What a wonderful time to live in.  I'm very grateful for the example my parents showed me and the opportunity now to pass it on  the my children so they too can live happy, productive, and influential lives.  Though they were far from perfect, they taught us the most important things in life.  And now, though I'm far from perfect, I will do my best to teach my children the best things in life.  I love my little family and look forward to them experiencing all the good and bad...because it is through both of those things that they can become great.  I want them to see our examples and know that we do know what we profess to know. 
  I know that Jesus Christ lives and can be the main source of strength, peace and love in our homes if we do our best to invite Him in constantly.  We have a living Prophet whose counsel is divine and when followed, does bring tremendous blessings.  I know that because I've experienced it many times in my own life, and in the lives of my immediate family.  There is simply nothing in this world that compares to the experience of learning truth, doing our best to apply it, then experiencing the fruit that is promised will follow obedience to God's laws.  It's lasting happiness...something that seems to be less common as time goes on.  It's hard work raising a family, but no one ever knows the full circle of influence their one example encompasses over years and even generations of time.
I love the Lord and His Gospel.  I love all of His children, each one unique and precious.  I love learning by listening to others and watching their examples.  I love living life.
I know the Book of Mormon along with the Bible is the word of God.  I know there is such a thing as modern revelation and personal revelation.  God does speak in our day, we just have to do what it takes to be able to hear and heed His words...because once we hear, we are held accountable for our actions or failure to act.
I know that God gives us multiple chances at a new start.  I believe in the power of repentance.  It is a glorious principle, one that refines us and allows us to progress.
I know that the ability to choose is of utmost importance in the master plan.  We will be judged by our thoughts, our actions, our lives by Jesus Christ one day.  But, it is not our job to judge each other in the slightest-we are simply commanded to love and to forgive each other.
These are a few things that I know are true.
 I know God lives and loves us as his children and wants more than anything for us to be happy and to succeed.  This is my testimony.

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Joe and Kelsey said...

Hi Racheal,

Thanks for your comment on our blog. You do look familiar, as well as Dan. Your kids are ADORABLE! And I love that you call your daughter Ginnie. So cute. And her hair looks precious. I love bobs on little girls!

I also really enjoyed your testimony you posted. What a great idea, not only as a way to preserve your thoughts and feelings, but also to uplift and strengthen others who read it. Thanks so much!

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