Saturday, June 7


This is my baby sister Niki who  is getting married next month.  She and I have a good relationship.  When I was younger, I struggled with her but was determined to learn how to love her and accept her.  Grateful I put so much effort into it, because it's paid off.  She's a sweetie and will make one hot wife, and a great mom.  I really love my brothers and sisters and can't wait to spend as much time as I'd like to with them on our way to our new house.  I especially can't wait to play sports with all of them...Niki's amazing at basketball, and our entire family is pretty athletic so it will be like old times.  I'm ready to get back into shape.  I love playing and exercising and not being able to do it very much in the past year and a half (miscarriage and bed rest through the first part of Angie's pregnancy)-has made life a lot harder than it would be if I was getting the exercise I've needed.  Physically, I've felt weak and sickly for a long time, and mentally I've struggled.  Now that my body is in a place where I can, I'm going for it!  Got my first really good workout last Thursday and it made a world of difference in the way I felt about life.
Anyway, I love you Niki!  So excited for you to enter the married world.  And I can't wait to see all of you my wonderful family!

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