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Well, I've been here at my parents house for nearly a week now, and things have settled somewhat so we have a good enough routine going and I'm having the time of my life.  I never forget how much I love my parents and siblings, but sometimes I forget how much fun we always manage to have together...the late nights up talking about the happenings of the past years we've been living and growing seperately from each other, them being able to get to know my children because of how few and far between our visits are, the way we can just be ourselves and love, laugh, and tease each other.It just hit me tonight that we are starting over.  A new house, a new neighborhood, a new part of the country. Change happens to be pretty hard for me.  However, the fresh start is always exciting.  I feel so lonely and sad much of the time, though.  Maybe I'm experiencing some postpartum depression.  I'm surrounded by family members who love me and whom I have the greatest time with, ye…


I've now turned on the function that allows anyone to comment on my blog.  I'm looking forward to hearing from those of you who couldn't comment because you didn't have a Google account.
In the last three days, this is what I've accomplished:Cleaned out the vanSorted through mine and all kid's clothes (stored too small or maternity, got rid of other)Finished sorting through kids' toys and packed what we're bringing in the vanWent through downstairs closet, got rid of more stuffDid all laundry and packed all mine and kids' clothes for tripCleaned the entire house, including vacuuming and sweeping, washing counters and mirrors (going to finish the rest of deep cleaning soon as possible)Washed all beddingDusted downstairsThings I have yet to do:
Sort through office closetGo through both storage closets, get rid of a few thingsWash out big trash canGet all addresses of friendsMake sure Dan downloads Quicken onto the old laptop for me to bring on the trip to keep track of my financesContinue taking care of three rambunctious kids, feeding, changing, loving, keeping on routine, playing, disciplining, feeding some more.Scrub Master tubWash master bathroom …

Stake Conference

Today was Stake Conference.  It was really good, especially after I sent Dan out to change Angela's diaper-and the other kids to go with him to the nursery so I could enjoy the last half (sneaky, I know).
  It was a great meeting and I left knowing what areas I can work to improve in; grateful for what we already do well; and grateful for my husband, who is an awesome Daddy and really does lead with love, kindness and patience in our home.  I'm so blessed to be raising a family with him.  I love the Gospel so much and all the tools it gives us parents.  We're raising a family, and we're succeeding because the Lord is showing us the way.  What a wonderful time to live in.  I'm very grateful for the example my parents showed me and the opportunity now to pass it on  the my children so they too can live happy, productive, and influential lives.  Though they were far from perfect, they taught us the most important things in life.  And now, though I'm far from perfec…

Hair Cut

This morning, before Dan left for work, we had family prayer.  Just five minutes later, I called for Hyrum and Ginnie to come upstairs and do morning chores.  After about ten minutes of folding clothes together, I looked over at Ginnie's hair and noticed a big chunk out of the side front. She told me, "Hywum did it." There were two other areas.  So I had to fix it so it looked decent.  Dan's going to be sad, I'm definitely sad.  It was so beautiful.  Now it's just'll grow back-but unfortunately, she got my genes and it takes a VERY long time to grow.
She's got a comb over and clip to cover up the worst spot-otherwise, I just blended and shortened it quite a bit.  Good thing she's got such a cute personality to make up for the boy-looking bob.  As for Hyrum-he saw how sad and upset I was, and when Dan got home, he also expressed his disappointment.  So, I think he got it.  I told him girls look better with long hair.


This is my baby sister Niki who  is getting married next month.  She and I have a good relationship.  When I was younger, I struggled with her but was determined to learn how to love her and accept her.  Grateful I put so much effort into it, because it's paid off.  She's a sweetie and will make one hot wife, and a great mom.  I really love my brothers and sisters and can't wait to spend as much time as I'd like to with them on our way to our new house.  I especially can't wait to play sports with all of them...Niki's amazing at basketball, and our entire family is pretty athletic so it will be like old times.  I'm ready to get back into shape.  I love playing and exercising and not being able to do it very much in the past year and a half (miscarriage and bed rest through the first part of Angie's pregnancy)-has made life a lot harder than it would be if I was getting the exercise I've needed.  Physically, I've felt weak and sickly for a long t…

Silly Kids


Letting Go

I've realized recently that I sure like to live in the past.  For years, I would dream of old Elementary school friends after I'd moved to a new place.  I never opened up in my new school.  Maybe if I let go, I'll be able to really start living life in the present.  I've enjoyed Dr. Laura's book Stop Whining, Start Living-at least what I've read of it.  It could do good for my marriage.  Weaknesses sure tend to humble us.  I want to be as happy as possible and enjoy each day to the fullest as it comes, but first, I must let go.  I must let go of the "What if..."    Another thought I've had recently is that I'm feeling less lonely than I have since marriage.  Our family feels more complete than ever.  Growing up in a large, combined family and loving home life and my role as big sister,  it's been hard to not be surrounded by people who have known me all my life and understand me.  I'm not really confident in who I am because I'…
Our favorite past time, making faces with Photo Booth.  Even Angela is getting in on the fun!