Saturday, May 10

"Mommy, there's no more babies in your tummy, huh?  But tomorrow, will you get another baby in your tummy?" a curious Hyrum asked one day as he examined my left over belly 'flat'-yes a Hyrum original.
Of course, you can guess what the answer was to that.  He keeps telling me that we are going to have two babies; baby Angela and baby Gideon.  Perhaps he's feeling a little outnumbered during the day.  We'll have to look into getting him a dog or something.

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Our Family Happenings said...

That is so cute. It is funny, because Brooklyn was dead set on us having a sister for her, since we don't find out, we were hoping since she was so set on it, that it really would be a girl. Well, it turned out that she was right and got her little sister. Now she keeps telling me that we are going to have a little brother for her too...I don't think she has it quite right, but maybe some day, we will see. Kids are so cute:)

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