Dreaming of Ohio

  Change is in the air.  It's only a very short time before we move to Ohio.  I'll be very glad to get out of LA.  Other than the friends I've made here, and the nice weather and scenery, there's not much here that I can speak positively about.  Excited for a change of place now that I feel we've adjusted a bit better to being family of five.  Some days are harder than others, and I tend to get overwhelmed but am enjoying these last precious moments in our California home with my growing children and husband.  Wow, I'm actually raising a family.  It's amazing how much each one changes from week to week -- what an adventure!
  Looking forward to my little sister's wedding and Angela's blessing in Utah as we head out for a drawn out trip to our new house-which by the way, we haven't chosen just yet.  There are lots of options just right for our family and the pricing is really good. I'm taking an entire month to get from here to Dayton area; all along visiting family and friends.  It's going to be a rough trip for three little ones unless we take lots of time.  Excited for a new start in life.
  Anyway, things are going much more smoothly and I still can't believe how attentive, alert and smiley baby Angela is...she's so much fun!!


Suzie said…
I am very happy that you are excited .. but just wish it would take 3-20 more years before you had to leave!!!!
Cook Family said…
Leaving is always bitter sweet. I'm sure you'll like Ohio. However, be sure to allow yourself some time to adjust. The mullets may throw you at first, but then you get used to them.

You are a sweet person with a great heart. Your children are blessed to have you for their mom. Good luck over there. Don't forget, we may be three hours behind you, but we're still only a phone call away...

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