Sunday, May 18

Prince Caspian

One of the FEW pictures you'll ever see of Daniel since he really doesn't like getting his picture taken.  But he readily agreed when I asked while he was holding little Angela.  I guess being a proud Daddy is a good enough reason to pose.  And I like this one of Hyrum and Virginia.  Although they fight quite a bit since Angela came, it's nice to see they still love each other.  
Have any of you seen Prince Caspian yet?  I love the dynamics of the four siblings.  I just imagine Hyrum being  a lot like Peter and Ginnie like Susan.  Excellent movie by the way for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.  I continue to marvel at the symbolism and depth of C.S. Lewis's writings.  Although there are quite a few differences between the book and movie, I think the producers were wise in their decisions. When it was over, I wanted more because it was a very real experience in many ways for me.  I went home more determined to press forward with faith; reminded that evil abounds and that God is the one true rock and source of safety as well as peace.  We can stand and fight with courage when we trust in His power and might and when we've done all within our control to prepare.  So before I say more, go watch it for yourself.  I doubt you'll be too disappointed.

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flutietoot said...

We all went and saw this movie for FHE last night. Alexis was feeling much better. I agree with you...I found myself thinking so much of Christ and being more determined to be better after I saw that movie. We were definately NOT disappointed.

Fun pictures of your family and even Dan. Hee!! Hee!!

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