Saturday, May 31

Working and Playing, Playing and Working

+  Suzanne (Dan's sister) is coming tomorrow with her kiddos.  We're going to see the play "Wicked" with her and her friend.  I'm totally excited and grateful for our friends Sandy and Matt coming to babysit FIVE kids ages five and under.  This is one reason I'm up so late.  Trying to organize everything in my mind so I can accomplish all I need to in preparation for company as well as continuing getting ready for the move.
  Dan got his desk organized today (one of the few really big projects we needed to get done before we move)-now all I have left is our closet, the outside storage closet, and getting rid of a few things out of the kids' toys and kitchen cupboards.
  We're not pack rats by any means-some would call us minimalists-I mean, if we can live without it, we do.  So there really isn't too much to do, but I'd like to slowly get all the details taken care of that seem to be time consumer's if left for the last day before inspection (washing light fixtures, blinds, windows...all the mundane stuff).  I ought to have this moving thing down to a T by the time we retire from the military.

  Angela is cooing, and nearly giggling now.  She squeaks when she gets really excited.  I've never had so much fun with my baby's as I've had with her.  I guess she just brings out the happiest side in everyone.  What a blessing, she's truly what I needed to not take life so seriously.  I've been focusing on playing with my kids more lately-and we're having so much fun.  I had to remember what it's like to be a kid again, something that seems to come more naturally to my husband (he wrestles and plays tag with them, dances and sings his own silly songs and is constantly making a ruckus when he gets home from work, as well as right before scripture study each evening...which riles them up-but they love that playtime with Daddy).
  The potty training thing, I gave up on for a while.  Now, Ginnie goes a few times or more a day-I'll do more when I can handle more, but for now this is good.  
  We love being a family-working and playing together.
Thursday morning I decided we would clean the house.  So I wrote down small, simple chores on little strips of paper and we took turns choosing one at a time until the house was cleaned up. In a seperate bowl from the chores one, were our names in case anyone wanted a helper.  Dan wanted to choose a helper most the time (and it was me more often than not).  After a while, because I was sort of directing the whole thing, getting everyone to follow through, I told Dan that I thought he was perfectly capable of doing some chores all by himself (it's pretty funny how when I take charge, he turns into a kid).  He makes me laugh often.
  And although Ginnie, being the regular two year old she is, got distracted a lot, I was able to keep her pretty on task for an entire hour.  Hyrum worked circles around anyone (except maybe me) for about an hour and a half straight (some of the chores were things like "do Ginnie's hair", and "make lemonade" both of which Hyrum chose).
It was a lot of fun.
I've been working on the more thorough things that I can never seem to get to since having my third child.  I'm lucky if I pick up the floor, do the dishes, and make beds once a day.  Three is a whole different ball game from two.

We'll get there.

  I don't feel at peace unless I'm organized and prepared for future events.  But I'm taking it one day at a time.  It took an hour or more to get all three kids, and myself bathed/showered and dressed for the day (with a baby in need of comforting, and a defiant two year old).  Thank goodness Hyrum is so patient because the girls take the most time.  He's a big help to me.  Today, when he was done playing memory, he cleaned it up without being asked to.  Because he's been so good recently, he filled his sticker chart so I took him to the dollar store and let him choose two toys as a reward.  It's really working for him.  I'm not sure Ginnie gets the concept, she doesn't seem to care either way-and that's one reason we've had a hard time with potty training (hers is a potty and good behavior sticker chart) because she simply doesn't care about getting stickers taken away (accidents or naughty behavior).  I mean, she has fun putting them on, but she's such an independent little person and sort of just steers her own ship wherever she feels like going at the moment.  So potty training is an on-going process.  It's still more of a fight than not getting her to go but every once in a great while, she'll go of her own free will without any reminding.

Monday, May 19

So many of Angela's expressions remind me of Hyrum as a baby.  But she definitely has her own look...more petite and feminine. She laughs quite often as she sleeps and is extremely animated in her expressions-I think she'll be a fun personality.


This is Hyrum same age.

A little older in the second one.

Sunday, May 18

Prince Caspian

One of the FEW pictures you'll ever see of Daniel since he really doesn't like getting his picture taken.  But he readily agreed when I asked while he was holding little Angela.  I guess being a proud Daddy is a good enough reason to pose.  And I like this one of Hyrum and Virginia.  Although they fight quite a bit since Angela came, it's nice to see they still love each other.  
Have any of you seen Prince Caspian yet?  I love the dynamics of the four siblings.  I just imagine Hyrum being  a lot like Peter and Ginnie like Susan.  Excellent movie by the way for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.  I continue to marvel at the symbolism and depth of C.S. Lewis's writings.  Although there are quite a few differences between the book and movie, I think the producers were wise in their decisions. When it was over, I wanted more because it was a very real experience in many ways for me.  I went home more determined to press forward with faith; reminded that evil abounds and that God is the one true rock and source of safety as well as peace.  We can stand and fight with courage when we trust in His power and might and when we've done all within our control to prepare.  So before I say more, go watch it for yourself.  I doubt you'll be too disappointed.

Girls Photo Shoot

Monday, May 12

Last night, Angela slept seven hours, ate, and went back to sleep four hours.  It was a heavenly night.  Neither Hyrum nor Ginnie woke up before seven this morning and all four of us napped from two to four-thirty today.  I was a very happy Mommy all day-imagine that!  

Saturday, May 10

"Mommy, there's no more babies in your tummy, huh?  But tomorrow, will you get another baby in your tummy?" a curious Hyrum asked one day as he examined my left over belly 'flat'-yes a Hyrum original.
Of course, you can guess what the answer was to that.  He keeps telling me that we are going to have two babies; baby Angela and baby Gideon.  Perhaps he's feeling a little outnumbered during the day.  We'll have to look into getting him a dog or something.

Dreaming of Ohio

  Change is in the air.  It's only a very short time before we move to Ohio.  I'll be very glad to get out of LA.  Other than the friends I've made here, and the nice weather and scenery, there's not much here that I can speak positively about.  Excited for a change of place now that I feel we've adjusted a bit better to being family of five.  Some days are harder than others, and I tend to get overwhelmed but am enjoying these last precious moments in our California home with my growing children and husband.  Wow, I'm actually raising a family.  It's amazing how much each one changes from week to week -- what an adventure!
  Looking forward to my little sister's wedding and Angela's blessing in Utah as we head out for a drawn out trip to our new house-which by the way, we haven't chosen just yet.  There are lots of options just right for our family and the pricing is really good. I'm taking an entire month to get from here to Dayton area; all along visiting family and friends.  It's going to be a rough trip for three little ones unless we take lots of time.  Excited for a new start in life.
  Anyway, things are going much more smoothly and I still can't believe how attentive, alert and smiley baby Angela is...she's so much fun!!

Friday, May 2

This morning Angie was smiling and trying to communicate as we all talked to her.  She's been that way since birth...very alert and interactive.  She's a pretty happy baby in general.

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