Tuesday, April 8

Well, each evening around six-thirty is when the contractions come-each night increasing in pressure and discomfort.  Once I sit down, within a half-hour they settle down.
So, I'm guessing that I may go into labor at night sometime in the next week.  I've been resting often as I can, and enjoying reading to and doing things for my little family-I've especially been paying attention to Ginnie and Hyrum...they're quite entertaining to watch and listen to and such good kids -- boy, we're blessed. They're not perfect, and of course they explore their bounds as all young children, and seem to push a little harder when I'm tired or a little irritable.  But, Dan and I sure enjoy every waking moment with them.
Today, I de-cluttered a couple areas I'd been putting off for long enough, made cookies with Hyrum and continue to keep on top of all household duties.
I love God's plan of happiness.  I really was created to be a mother and wife and to prepare my children to go out into the world and along with many, many others be forces for good-to stand for truth which will always prevail.
It's no easy task.  But I know the Lord will be by my side every step of the way.
And with Him, all things are possible.  He has already overcome the world.  What a great comfort and blessing to know that.
To all you Mother's out there, I hope you realize the significance of what you're doing and have a sense once in a while of the long-term impact you have in the world.  Keep it up, and know that you are so important.
And anyone who influences or nurtures a child is aiding in that...not just mother's.
Three cheers for Mother's and non-mother's alike!

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