Wednesday, April 2


    Nothing new or exciting.  However, at my Dr. Appointment, he estimated around seven lbs. for this baby-smaller than both my others.  Ginnie, being a much larger baby, took a lot longer to come, so I don't mind a smaller baby if that means a little shorter of a labor.
   I was dilated to a one after having plenty of back cramping and what seemed like constant braxton hicks contractions throughout the day before the Dr. checked on me.  Same thing now-it comes and goes constantly throughout the day and is especially noticeable when I'm tired toward the end of the day or in the middle of the day when I try to take at least a short nap with the kids which seems to improve it.  So my body is getting ready, but because of how small she seems to be, I wouldn't mind going on or a little after my due date.  That's what I'm expecting.  Just one more check up next Tuesday before the big day, hopefully.
   Time seems to stand endlessly still during these last few weeks of pregnancy.  Just have to keep on top of things and keep thinking of things I can and should be doing to continue preparing for the big move because although I'm nearly nine months pregnant, it's more challenging to accomplish as much while trying to recover from giving birth and sleep depravation.
   I'll keep everyone posted...meanwhile, I'd better get a new chord to my digital camera that I haven't been able to find to download my almost full disk since before Christmas.  That's a must.  I'll be heading to Walmart to find a match tomorrow, and to get some more lining for Angela's dress that I've cut the pattern out for, as well as some new clothes and shoes for Ginnie-as she's hit a real growth spurt recently and everything seems to be fitting a little too snug for her comfort.
   I was able to find a good enough deal to fly my Mother out after she's done with finals (she's a full time student at BYU)-so she won't be here till after the baby's born, but my younger sister will be here before, during and a couple days after my due date-so  hopefully she will be here to watch the kiddos.  Otherwise, we've got back ups.
   Thanks so much to everyone who has offered any sort of help-I feel very supported and blessed.  I've got my MOPS group, my ward family, and military family all looking out for me.

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The Michel Happenings said...

Rachel..good luck with the delivery! I am so excited for you! I know how hard it is to stay positive towards the end, but it is all worth it once you have that new little baby in your arms! I am loving life with 3 little ones! They bring me so much joy and happiness! Take care and send lots of pictures!

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