Wednesday, April 9

No sooner had I spoken during that last entry, then contractions started fifteen minutes apart with plenty of lower back cramps that lingered far after the contractions were over. I lye in bed for four or more hours tossing and turning...each time in between, I'd come so close to dozing off, but was just too uncomfortable to sleep.
Finally somewhere between 2:30-3:30, I did doze off only to be awoken by a couple more intense and focused contractions.  Some were stronger and some not as much.  Nonetheless, trying to sleep seemed pointless.  By the time six o'clock came around and my husband's alarm went off, I explained to him the happenings of the night.  As I spoke, I realized twenty minutes had passed with no contractions...then thirty and fourty-five.
I fell asleep quickly.  Don't know how long my kids had been up before I finally got up around eight thirty, but it was wonderful to finally sleep a little.
 All this morning I wasn't tired and continued making sure everything was in it's place in case today was the day.  I also took the kids to the park after doing morning chores with them and giving baths.  Ginnie is so into hanging her clothes up and really getting good at it...She brought Hyrum's pants in to show him how she had clipped them down on the hanger.  In his sing-songy voice like an adult to a child, he expressed how proud he was of his little sister.
After the park, we came home, ate lunch and took a nap.
I feel fine now, and other than a very occasional contraction, everything has seemed to stop.
Also, baby Angela seemed to be just as uncomfortable as me as she was noticeably awake most of the night and hasn't moved much today.  I was getting a little worried toward late afternoon and began poking and moving her around-she stretched a little and repositioned herself...that's all I needed.
I'd say a few more days.  Good progress though.  I'm sure it did a little bit of something.
Glad I'm not in any pain or discomfort now and have a bit of a break before going into active labor.  By the way, I have reflexology combs that I squeeze into points on my hands (most of you know my fascination of exploring alternative medicine etc.) and that brings immediate relief and a flood of comfort to my lower back during contractions so that I'm left with mostly just the feeling of pressure.  I think they'll help out a lot during the real thing.
My little sister is coming into town tomorrow late to help out.  Maybe Angela's just waiting for her  or Grandma :)  That would be quite convenient. 


Ambie T. said...

Good luck Rachael. I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

Amber said...

I hope all goes well. That's so nice that your sister and mom are coming. I look forward to seeing pictures of little Angela.

Ruffell Family said...

Have I been gone that long. I'm so excited for your family. I wish you and the baby well. Post a picture soon. Amy Ruffell

sara said...

Congratulations on your little Angela!

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