Thursday, April 24

Three Kids...can't believe it

Time for stories and naps...I'm
 finding that Angela has an animated personality like Hyrum-she reminds me a lot of him as a baby.  She's a sweetie.  Both Ginnie and Hyrum are loving having a little sister-we're so grateful for all she adds to our family.

Sunday, April 20


Went into labor at about 1:00am Monday morning...contractions were about seven to ten minutes apart.  At four-thirty we headed to the hospital.  They stayed anywhere from five to ten minutes apart for many hours giving me a good break.
At about eleven-twenty, the Dr. put me on a low dose of pitocin because I wasn't progressing any further.  Within an hour, she was born.
The nurse had just been in to check me, and had no idea that as soon as she walked out, the baby would come.  Daniel sort of delivered her, but she delivered mostly by herself.  I'm just grateful I was on a good place to give her room on my small hospital bed.
It was  a good experience, and not a bad labor at all.  
She's eating great now...just had to get through this first week.  So far, Angela is an angel.  She's expressive and has a mild and gentle disposition.  She lifts her head slowly to look at anyone who's holding her-she's been pretty alert since birth during her awake times which seem to be equal to her asleep times.  I haven't had to worry about her digging herself because her movements are slow and controlled.

She dropped down to 6 lb 7 oz a couple days after birth (birth weight was 7 lb 1 oz).  But now that we're all set as far as feeding, I'm sure she's gained a bit back.  We'll see at her next Dr. appointment.

It's an adjustment for the family.  We're all in transition and hopefully things will settle down in a few weeks.  Everyone loves little Angela.  She's an important part of our family now and adds a lot.  

I'm feeling really good.  Angela is much smaller than Ginnie was-that seems to make a difference in recovery.

Thanks to everyone for prayers in our behalf.  We love our little Angela!

Wednesday, April 9

No sooner had I spoken during that last entry, then contractions started fifteen minutes apart with plenty of lower back cramps that lingered far after the contractions were over. I lye in bed for four or more hours tossing and turning...each time in between, I'd come so close to dozing off, but was just too uncomfortable to sleep.
Finally somewhere between 2:30-3:30, I did doze off only to be awoken by a couple more intense and focused contractions.  Some were stronger and some not as much.  Nonetheless, trying to sleep seemed pointless.  By the time six o'clock came around and my husband's alarm went off, I explained to him the happenings of the night.  As I spoke, I realized twenty minutes had passed with no contractions...then thirty and fourty-five.
I fell asleep quickly.  Don't know how long my kids had been up before I finally got up around eight thirty, but it was wonderful to finally sleep a little.
 All this morning I wasn't tired and continued making sure everything was in it's place in case today was the day.  I also took the kids to the park after doing morning chores with them and giving baths.  Ginnie is so into hanging her clothes up and really getting good at it...She brought Hyrum's pants in to show him how she had clipped them down on the hanger.  In his sing-songy voice like an adult to a child, he expressed how proud he was of his little sister.
After the park, we came home, ate lunch and took a nap.
I feel fine now, and other than a very occasional contraction, everything has seemed to stop.
Also, baby Angela seemed to be just as uncomfortable as me as she was noticeably awake most of the night and hasn't moved much today.  I was getting a little worried toward late afternoon and began poking and moving her around-she stretched a little and repositioned herself...that's all I needed.
I'd say a few more days.  Good progress though.  I'm sure it did a little bit of something.
Glad I'm not in any pain or discomfort now and have a bit of a break before going into active labor.  By the way, I have reflexology combs that I squeeze into points on my hands (most of you know my fascination of exploring alternative medicine etc.) and that brings immediate relief and a flood of comfort to my lower back during contractions so that I'm left with mostly just the feeling of pressure.  I think they'll help out a lot during the real thing.
My little sister is coming into town tomorrow late to help out.  Maybe Angela's just waiting for her  or Grandma :)  That would be quite convenient. 

Tuesday, April 8

Well, each evening around six-thirty is when the contractions come-each night increasing in pressure and discomfort.  Once I sit down, within a half-hour they settle down.
So, I'm guessing that I may go into labor at night sometime in the next week.  I've been resting often as I can, and enjoying reading to and doing things for my little family-I've especially been paying attention to Ginnie and Hyrum...they're quite entertaining to watch and listen to and such good kids -- boy, we're blessed. They're not perfect, and of course they explore their bounds as all young children, and seem to push a little harder when I'm tired or a little irritable.  But, Dan and I sure enjoy every waking moment with them.
Today, I de-cluttered a couple areas I'd been putting off for long enough, made cookies with Hyrum and continue to keep on top of all household duties.
I love God's plan of happiness.  I really was created to be a mother and wife and to prepare my children to go out into the world and along with many, many others be forces for good-to stand for truth which will always prevail.
It's no easy task.  But I know the Lord will be by my side every step of the way.
And with Him, all things are possible.  He has already overcome the world.  What a great comfort and blessing to know that.
To all you Mother's out there, I hope you realize the significance of what you're doing and have a sense once in a while of the long-term impact you have in the world.  Keep it up, and know that you are so important.
And anyone who influences or nurtures a child is aiding in that...not just mother's.
Three cheers for Mother's and non-mother's alike!

Wednesday, April 2


    Nothing new or exciting.  However, at my Dr. Appointment, he estimated around seven lbs. for this baby-smaller than both my others.  Ginnie, being a much larger baby, took a lot longer to come, so I don't mind a smaller baby if that means a little shorter of a labor.
   I was dilated to a one after having plenty of back cramping and what seemed like constant braxton hicks contractions throughout the day before the Dr. checked on me.  Same thing now-it comes and goes constantly throughout the day and is especially noticeable when I'm tired toward the end of the day or in the middle of the day when I try to take at least a short nap with the kids which seems to improve it.  So my body is getting ready, but because of how small she seems to be, I wouldn't mind going on or a little after my due date.  That's what I'm expecting.  Just one more check up next Tuesday before the big day, hopefully.
   Time seems to stand endlessly still during these last few weeks of pregnancy.  Just have to keep on top of things and keep thinking of things I can and should be doing to continue preparing for the big move because although I'm nearly nine months pregnant, it's more challenging to accomplish as much while trying to recover from giving birth and sleep depravation.
   I'll keep everyone posted...meanwhile, I'd better get a new chord to my digital camera that I haven't been able to find to download my almost full disk since before Christmas.  That's a must.  I'll be heading to Walmart to find a match tomorrow, and to get some more lining for Angela's dress that I've cut the pattern out for, as well as some new clothes and shoes for Ginnie-as she's hit a real growth spurt recently and everything seems to be fitting a little too snug for her comfort.
   I was able to find a good enough deal to fly my Mother out after she's done with finals (she's a full time student at BYU)-so she won't be here till after the baby's born, but my younger sister will be here before, during and a couple days after my due date-so  hopefully she will be here to watch the kiddos.  Otherwise, we've got back ups.
   Thanks so much to everyone who has offered any sort of help-I feel very supported and blessed.  I've got my MOPS group, my ward family, and military family all looking out for me.

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