Friday, March 14

Well, here's  what I've been working on for the past three days, and other than hemming and a little adjusting which I won't do until I see how much Ginnie grows in the next three months before the wedding, it's completely finished.
This was the hardest project other than some of my art projects that I've ever attempted.  Ginnie looks darling in it but is really tired of trying it on.  Guess it's good I made it three months in advance.  She will have forgotten about it by then and be as excited as the first time I tried it on (I only made her try it on four times, but apparently that was too much for her).
Anyway, I'm so happy and may start soon on baby Angela's since I'm in a sewing mode.

1 comment:

Lori said...

Pretty dress, Rachael! You did a great job.

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