Sunday, March 16

Not Much Longer

We're ready  whenever she is.
I've been trying hard to enjoy life as it is.  Just a few more weeks before Angela comes to join us.  Looking back, it's gone pretty quickly.  Can't believe Hyrum and Ginnie are growing up.  
  They still are, and I hope always will be best friends-playing and working, fighting and competing then making up.  Some of their mini "adult" conversations crack me up.  They both came with pretty mature, responsible dispositions.  The Lord knew I'd need such a blessing if I'm to raise a large family like I've always wanted to.  I'm really grateful for both of them, and would feel very overwhelmed if I didn't have their little helping hands each day.  I was observing Hyrum's little stack of hand-towels and rags that he folded, and boy is he a perfectionist.  He takes pride in what he does.  Ginnie is just willing to jump right in and wash anything and everything, help me load and unload the dishwasher, sweep the floors and do laundry.  Let's hope their enthusiasm lasts for long as possible.
  Another thing I've noticed when looking at other children their age is both of their attention spans.  When they play by themselves, they both are really good independently-watching a movie, reading stories, building blocks.  Guess it's to be expected when both parents are pretty introverted and  enjoy doing their own thing as well.

  Hyrum started sunbeams the beginning of this year and his teachers tell me that he sits and listens attentively much of the time, then volunteers to answer most questions in class - no matter how random or off topic, or right on the answers might be, he seems to be confident in what he has to offer (not sure how good that is as he's been quick to correct me lately);  He's not afraid in social settings like he seemed to be as a toddler-rather, anxious and willing to get in on the discussion.  Sounds like he's got a bit of charisma and charm going on and is definitely a leader at heart; acts most secure when he feels he's in charge of something. He's a great kid, and very intelligent.
  Ginnie is more shy when it comes to expressing herself verbally-however, she's all into friends and smiling, flirting and giggling at anyone who will pay attention to her.  She makes our family laugh a lot because of her silly nature and loves to tease and push Hyrum's buttons as is common with the second eldest (talking from experience here). Also, she picks up on letters and other things so easily, and can write a few of them...she loves the show Super Why and I hear her saying the letters as they appear on the screen, and she actually wrote three of them down for me while we were at a restaurant the other day and pointed telling me what each was (her fine motor skills are very advanced compared to Hyrum's which I hear is common in girls).  The way Ginnie Ann handles herself sometimes physically is more like a little boy...she can hold her own with the best of them and it's my little boy who comes crying most of the time during their more aggressive fights.  I've noticed, however, that when Daddy's around and paying attention to her, she becomes a little less aggressive and more feminine (and sometimes a little less able to do things for herself; guess you could call it the 'damsel in distress' mentality).  Both the men in her life are her protector's and she takes full advantage.  She really loves and admires them.  In nursery, she's done fine without Hyrum and found her groove.  She tells me what she's learned about when I ask her,  and sings songs she's been learning.
  They're not babies anymore, although they're still so young.  Can't believe I'm going to have three really soon...I've been pregnant or nursing for close to five years now, and it's taken a toll on my body.  Don't feel my best physically and am exhausted much of the time; however, I'm grateful for my weaknesses.  They keep me closely depending on Jesus Christ, and humble.  I really love Him and the fact that He always understands and knows how to succor us in our time of need.

Well, better get to bed, a new day tomorrow.

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The Michel Happenings said...

Rachel! Hey! Hang in there..if you haven't already had your newest addition! I am so excited for you. You are such a good mother and person. I am so glad to be your friend..send pictures as soon as she arrives! Good luck with labor and delivery! Take care! Kristy :)

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