Monday, March 3

Nearly eight months pregnant (just a week and a half to go) and nesting like crazy-just read what I posted Saturday.
I was able to cut out Ginnie's dress pattern and am more excited than ever to get started on it.  I may even have enough material left over after making both girls a dress, for a nice blouse for me.  My little sister wants all us sisters to wear white skirts with hot pink shirts.

  We had family night tonight about recognizing the spirit and how Heavenly Father loves us so much that he sends a special helper to help us when we're scared or sad, or just needing some help.  Daniel shared his experience as a young boy of getting lost in the mountains while camping with his scout troop, and how he prayed and felt peace and found his way back to camp.  His next question to Hyrum was, "What can we do when we're scared or need help?"
  Ginnie, having found her voice, got all dramatic and started hold her arms and making a scared noise as she shivered...then said something like "scawed, lion...wun away Ninnie.  Wun away!" She was really getting into her story telling and oh so serious.  Looks like she's picked up on Hyrum's sense of imagination and adventure (not a surprise since she's with him 24/7).
  Anyway, it was a fun family night and we are loving watching our children learn and grow...being able to teach them about the joy of the Gospel.  Hyrum's old enough to really get into and pay attention to the lessons we give.  He often asks if we can have family night...maybe we should start having it more than once a week:)

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ruffellboys said...

I can't believe I've been gone so long. I didn't know you were pregnant. Congratualtions. Sorry I havn't kept in tough. Life has been crazy. I hope you are all doing well. We miss you all. You can catch up on us at

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