Saturday, March 1

Tsunami Mommy

Today I've been running around like a crazy woman trying to get everything done.
I washed all the bedding (including the comforters that I had to take to the laundry mat)-all the bathroom rugs, towels, hand towels; I hand scrubbed the two upstairs bathrooms including showers and baths;  I planned all the meals for the upcoming week and went shopping at the commisary.  While there, I put all our used batteries in the recycling bin, bought a couple small carpet cleaners and all new pillows. I also stopped off at Walmart to pick up the rest of the hot pink material that I'm going to make my soon-to-be two girls matching  dresses from-think I've mentioned before that I've got four siblings getting married this year-one of which has requested that all the nieces be flower girls in hot pink...I'm looking forward to tackling such a fun project; I mean, I've never exactly had the opportunity to make matching dresses for my own girls.
Last night after the kids went to bed, I changed my entire living room area around; moved the piano, the kids train table, the couch, recliner, large shelf, love seat and automan.   I hung up pictures and rearranged wall hangings...I sent letters to various people and especially a sister who is just starting to come back to Church that I met recently. I was up till sometime past eleven getting things just right then fell asleep on the couch downstairs and was out till almost four.
The day before that, I spent all day cleaning the van, taking apart all three car-seats and washing the covers, cleaning every last nook and crannie of the seat belt latches etc.
I washed the kitchen floors by hand and cleaned the rest of the house as usual, as well as attempting to fix our vacuum which has really been lacking in suction recently (not much of a change by the time I threw in the towel-and no blockages that either Dan or I could find...guess it's time for a new one).
I really love working hard, but am a little exhausted.
My kids are great helps to me when I want to get things done...and my husband is great at taking care of them when I'm so focused on my tasks as well as doing all I ask of him.  Mostly though, I really like seeing him happy and being able to relax and enjoy himself while at home-something I wish I'd let myself do more of sometimes...nonetheless, I probably enjoy it more through him anyway. 
Thank goodness tomorrow is a day of rest.

We're moving in just four months-and I'm having a baby in a little over a month.  Every day counts in preparing ourselves for big changes ahead.  I love being in the makes minimizing and keeping organized necessary and keeps life exciting/adventurous (although my ability to adjust quickly isn't very well-developed just yet, I still enjoy the thought of it).

Dan and I have been looking at houses.  We're going to buy this time around, something he's been planning on doing for a while.  Pretty exciting, especially after looking at nearly fifty homes within our price range, many of which will fit our growing family perfectly, yard and all...everyone come visit if you get a chance!
It's a beautiful area around Dayton-all I've heard from those who have lived there is that I'm going to LOVE I'm trying not to expect way too much, but am looking forward to anywhere other than Los Angeles (you've probably guessed that this is not my favorite place -- not somewhere I'd choose to live).  
Now, I've got to switch from go go go mode, to go to sleep mode which is a huge challenge for me, but if I don't want to be a crabby zombie mommy tomorrow I'd better discipline myself.  It's just that even though I literally have no more energy or strength to do more, I feel like I could write or at least read a novel right now...any ideas, suggestions?

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