Sunday, March 16

Not Much Longer

We're ready  whenever she is.
I've been trying hard to enjoy life as it is.  Just a few more weeks before Angela comes to join us.  Looking back, it's gone pretty quickly.  Can't believe Hyrum and Ginnie are growing up.  
  They still are, and I hope always will be best friends-playing and working, fighting and competing then making up.  Some of their mini "adult" conversations crack me up.  They both came with pretty mature, responsible dispositions.  The Lord knew I'd need such a blessing if I'm to raise a large family like I've always wanted to.  I'm really grateful for both of them, and would feel very overwhelmed if I didn't have their little helping hands each day.  I was observing Hyrum's little stack of hand-towels and rags that he folded, and boy is he a perfectionist.  He takes pride in what he does.  Ginnie is just willing to jump right in and wash anything and everything, help me load and unload the dishwasher, sweep the floors and do laundry.  Let's hope their enthusiasm lasts for long as possible.
  Another thing I've noticed when looking at other children their age is both of their attention spans.  When they play by themselves, they both are really good independently-watching a movie, reading stories, building blocks.  Guess it's to be expected when both parents are pretty introverted and  enjoy doing their own thing as well.

  Hyrum started sunbeams the beginning of this year and his teachers tell me that he sits and listens attentively much of the time, then volunteers to answer most questions in class - no matter how random or off topic, or right on the answers might be, he seems to be confident in what he has to offer (not sure how good that is as he's been quick to correct me lately);  He's not afraid in social settings like he seemed to be as a toddler-rather, anxious and willing to get in on the discussion.  Sounds like he's got a bit of charisma and charm going on and is definitely a leader at heart; acts most secure when he feels he's in charge of something. He's a great kid, and very intelligent.
  Ginnie is more shy when it comes to expressing herself verbally-however, she's all into friends and smiling, flirting and giggling at anyone who will pay attention to her.  She makes our family laugh a lot because of her silly nature and loves to tease and push Hyrum's buttons as is common with the second eldest (talking from experience here). Also, she picks up on letters and other things so easily, and can write a few of them...she loves the show Super Why and I hear her saying the letters as they appear on the screen, and she actually wrote three of them down for me while we were at a restaurant the other day and pointed telling me what each was (her fine motor skills are very advanced compared to Hyrum's which I hear is common in girls).  The way Ginnie Ann handles herself sometimes physically is more like a little boy...she can hold her own with the best of them and it's my little boy who comes crying most of the time during their more aggressive fights.  I've noticed, however, that when Daddy's around and paying attention to her, she becomes a little less aggressive and more feminine (and sometimes a little less able to do things for herself; guess you could call it the 'damsel in distress' mentality).  Both the men in her life are her protector's and she takes full advantage.  She really loves and admires them.  In nursery, she's done fine without Hyrum and found her groove.  She tells me what she's learned about when I ask her,  and sings songs she's been learning.
  They're not babies anymore, although they're still so young.  Can't believe I'm going to have three really soon...I've been pregnant or nursing for close to five years now, and it's taken a toll on my body.  Don't feel my best physically and am exhausted much of the time; however, I'm grateful for my weaknesses.  They keep me closely depending on Jesus Christ, and humble.  I really love Him and the fact that He always understands and knows how to succor us in our time of need.

Well, better get to bed, a new day tomorrow.

Friday, March 14

Well, here's  what I've been working on for the past three days, and other than hemming and a little adjusting which I won't do until I see how much Ginnie grows in the next three months before the wedding, it's completely finished.
This was the hardest project other than some of my art projects that I've ever attempted.  Ginnie looks darling in it but is really tired of trying it on.  Guess it's good I made it three months in advance.  She will have forgotten about it by then and be as excited as the first time I tried it on (I only made her try it on four times, but apparently that was too much for her).
Anyway, I'm so happy and may start soon on baby Angela's since I'm in a sewing mode.

Monday, March 3

Nearly eight months pregnant (just a week and a half to go) and nesting like crazy-just read what I posted Saturday.
I was able to cut out Ginnie's dress pattern and am more excited than ever to get started on it.  I may even have enough material left over after making both girls a dress, for a nice blouse for me.  My little sister wants all us sisters to wear white skirts with hot pink shirts.

  We had family night tonight about recognizing the spirit and how Heavenly Father loves us so much that he sends a special helper to help us when we're scared or sad, or just needing some help.  Daniel shared his experience as a young boy of getting lost in the mountains while camping with his scout troop, and how he prayed and felt peace and found his way back to camp.  His next question to Hyrum was, "What can we do when we're scared or need help?"
  Ginnie, having found her voice, got all dramatic and started hold her arms and making a scared noise as she shivered...then said something like "scawed, lion...wun away Ninnie.  Wun away!" She was really getting into her story telling and oh so serious.  Looks like she's picked up on Hyrum's sense of imagination and adventure (not a surprise since she's with him 24/7).
  Anyway, it was a fun family night and we are loving watching our children learn and grow...being able to teach them about the joy of the Gospel.  Hyrum's old enough to really get into and pay attention to the lessons we give.  He often asks if we can have family night...maybe we should start having it more than once a week:)

Sabbath; a day of rest and worship

    I have to report back after such a relaxing and filling Sabbath.
  Dan's lesson in Sunday School was absolutely amazing.  We studied mostly chapter nine of 2 Nephi...and the Spirit was so strong.  All about the Plan and especially our Savior's Atonement.  I  came home just spiritually rejuvinated and took the liberty upon myself to lie down and relax, physically rest for an hour or two which was absolute heaven  after Saturday.
  If you get a chance and are interested, go onto Daniel's blog.  He posted his lesson there.  Really, he's got quite a gift in teaching.  Someone actually asked if he worked for the Church Education System.
  I remember that's one of the main things that attracted me to him before we met.  He was the Single's Ward Gospel Doctrine teacher for a few years and after a while of attending the other Sunday School class, I decided to give his a try.  I was blown away from the first time I heard him at his knowledge of the Gospel, his wit and skill in teaching it, his ability to really create an atmosphere where anyone could share and feel comfortable, his testimony and spirit.  Where did he come from?  I mean, he was equally as good as any Education Week teacher I had heard,  yet he was young and single, and I thought at the time way out of my league.

  Well, I felt it necessary after that first class to wait until he was done visiting with someone else to compliment him on his lesson.  He says I was flirting...not sure I knew what flirting was (honestly, I was incredibly shy), I was just genuinely touched by his lesson and felt the need to express it.

  Having the opportunity to hear him teach after many years of not, was a reminder to me that he has this gift.  He's really just been filling in for a few weeks until they get a new teacher called to that position.
  He tells me he tends to believe it more when people comment on what a great lesson it was rather than what a good teacher he is, because, he says, it's the subject, the material we have and the spirit that does the teaching.  That's why he's a great teacher.  He has the knowledge and know how, but most importantly he knows that the greatest teacher is the Holy Ghost. That's what touches people's hearts and helps them to internalize and understand what is being taught.  That's what feels them with the joy and peace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; with motivation and the desire to make a change for the better.

  Anyway, it was wonderful and now I'm ready for a new week.
I really love  the Gospel.  I love my Savior, Jesus Christ and what he's made possible in my life. With Him I can overcome and accomplish all things that I desire to.  With Him, I can become anything worth believing in and hoping for.
My favorite scripture is Phillipians 4:13  "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."  I know that.  I'm eternally grateful for that knowledge.
I'm grateful for my life and my rich blessings which seem to just keep a coming.  I hope to be a more effective missionary so that those around me too can experience the fruits of the true and restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Saturday, March 1

Tsunami Mommy

Today I've been running around like a crazy woman trying to get everything done.
I washed all the bedding (including the comforters that I had to take to the laundry mat)-all the bathroom rugs, towels, hand towels; I hand scrubbed the two upstairs bathrooms including showers and baths;  I planned all the meals for the upcoming week and went shopping at the commisary.  While there, I put all our used batteries in the recycling bin, bought a couple small carpet cleaners and all new pillows. I also stopped off at Walmart to pick up the rest of the hot pink material that I'm going to make my soon-to-be two girls matching  dresses from-think I've mentioned before that I've got four siblings getting married this year-one of which has requested that all the nieces be flower girls in hot pink...I'm looking forward to tackling such a fun project; I mean, I've never exactly had the opportunity to make matching dresses for my own girls.
Last night after the kids went to bed, I changed my entire living room area around; moved the piano, the kids train table, the couch, recliner, large shelf, love seat and automan.   I hung up pictures and rearranged wall hangings...I sent letters to various people and especially a sister who is just starting to come back to Church that I met recently. I was up till sometime past eleven getting things just right then fell asleep on the couch downstairs and was out till almost four.
The day before that, I spent all day cleaning the van, taking apart all three car-seats and washing the covers, cleaning every last nook and crannie of the seat belt latches etc.
I washed the kitchen floors by hand and cleaned the rest of the house as usual, as well as attempting to fix our vacuum which has really been lacking in suction recently (not much of a change by the time I threw in the towel-and no blockages that either Dan or I could find...guess it's time for a new one).
I really love working hard, but am a little exhausted.
My kids are great helps to me when I want to get things done...and my husband is great at taking care of them when I'm so focused on my tasks as well as doing all I ask of him.  Mostly though, I really like seeing him happy and being able to relax and enjoy himself while at home-something I wish I'd let myself do more of sometimes...nonetheless, I probably enjoy it more through him anyway. 
Thank goodness tomorrow is a day of rest.

We're moving in just four months-and I'm having a baby in a little over a month.  Every day counts in preparing ourselves for big changes ahead.  I love being in the makes minimizing and keeping organized necessary and keeps life exciting/adventurous (although my ability to adjust quickly isn't very well-developed just yet, I still enjoy the thought of it).

Dan and I have been looking at houses.  We're going to buy this time around, something he's been planning on doing for a while.  Pretty exciting, especially after looking at nearly fifty homes within our price range, many of which will fit our growing family perfectly, yard and all...everyone come visit if you get a chance!
It's a beautiful area around Dayton-all I've heard from those who have lived there is that I'm going to LOVE I'm trying not to expect way too much, but am looking forward to anywhere other than Los Angeles (you've probably guessed that this is not my favorite place -- not somewhere I'd choose to live).  
Now, I've got to switch from go go go mode, to go to sleep mode which is a huge challenge for me, but if I don't want to be a crabby zombie mommy tomorrow I'd better discipline myself.  It's just that even though I literally have no more energy or strength to do more, I feel like I could write or at least read a novel right now...any ideas, suggestions?

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