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Not Much Longer

We're ready  whenever she is.I've been trying hard to enjoy life as it is.  Just a few more weeks before Angela comes to join us.  Looking back, it's gone pretty quickly.  Can't believe Hyrum and Ginnie are growing up.     They still are, and I hope always will be best friends-playing and working, fighting and competing then making up.  Some of their mini "adult" conversations crack me up.  They both came with pretty mature, responsible dispositions.  The Lord knew I'd need such a blessing if I'm to raise a large family like I've always wanted to.  I'm really grateful for both of them, and would feel very overwhelmed if I didn't have their little helping hands each day.  I was observing Hyrum's little stack of hand-towels and rags that he folded, and boy is he a perfectionist.  He takes pride in what he does.  Ginnie is just willing to jump right in and wash anything and everything, help me load and unload the dishwasher, sweep the floo…
Well, here's  what I've been working on for the past three days, and other than hemming and a little adjusting which I won't do until I see how much Ginnie grows in the next three months before the wedding, it's completely finished.This was the hardest project other than some of my art projects that I've ever attempted.  Ginnie looks darling in it but is really tired of trying it on.  Guess it's good I made it three months in advance.  She will have forgotten about it by then and be as excited as the first time I tried it on (I only made her try it on four times, but apparently that was too much for her). Anyway, I'm so happy and may start soon on baby Angela's since I'm in a sewing mode.
Nearly eight months pregnant (just a week and a half to go) and nesting like crazy-just read what I posted Saturday.
I was able to cut out Ginnie's dress pattern and am more excited than ever to get started on it.  I may even have enough material left over after making both girls a dress, for a nice blouse for me.  My little sister wants all us sisters to wear white skirts with hot pink shirts.
  We had family night tonight about recognizing the spirit and how Heavenly Father loves us so much that he sends a special helper to help us when we're scared or sad, or just needing some help.  Daniel shared his experience as a young boy of getting lost in the mountains while camping with his scout troop, and how he prayed and felt peace and found his way back to camp.  His next question to Hyrum was, "What can we do when we're scared or need help?"   Ginnie, having found her voice, got all dramatic and started hold her arms and making a scared noise as she shivered...then …

Sabbath; a day of rest and worship

Ihave to report back after such a relaxing and filling Sabbath.  Dan's lesson in Sunday School was absolutely amazing.  We studied mostly chapter nine of 2 Nephi...and the Spirit was so strong.  All about the Plan and especially our Savior's Atonement.  I  came home just spiritually rejuvinated and took the liberty upon myself to lie down and relax, physically rest for an hour or two which was absolute heaven  after Saturday.   If you get a chance and are interested, go onto Daniel's blog.  He posted his lesson there.  Really, he's got quite a gift in teaching.  Someone actually asked if he worked for the Church Education System.   I remember that's one of the main things that attracted me to him before we met.  He was the Single's Ward Gospel Doctrine teacher for a few years and after a while of attending the other Sunday School class, I decided to give his a try.  I was blown away from the first time I heard him at his knowledge of the Gospel, his wit and skil…

Tsunami Mommy

Today I've been running around like a crazy woman trying to get everything done. I washed all the bedding (including the comforters that I had to take to the laundry mat)-all the bathroom rugs, towels, hand towels; I hand scrubbed the two upstairs bathrooms including showers and baths;  I planned all the meals for the upcoming week and went shopping at the commisary.  While there, I put all our used batteries in the recycling bin, bought a couple small carpet cleaners and all new pillows. I also stopped off at Walmart to pick up the rest of the hot pink material that I'm going to make my soon-to-be two girls matching  dresses from-think I've mentioned before that I've got four siblings getting married this year-one of which has requested that all the nieces be flower girls in hot pink...I'm looking forward to tackling such a fun project; I mean, I've never exactly had the opportunity to make matching dresses for my own girls. Last night after the kids went to bed…