Sunday, February 10

New Calling

Dan got set apart and sustained as Sunday School President today.  He's now an Elder's Quorum Teacher, a Ward Missionary, Sunday School President and a Home Teacher.
This is a calling he's sort of always hoped for because he feels he can really do something with it having several years of teaching Sunday School behind him.  Spent most of last Sunday really studying all about his new responsibilities.  Our ward and building is so small, that they've really sort of improvised with a lot of callings, and there hasn't been an actual SSP for who knows how long.  So I'm sure they were happy to find that he's on top of his game as he inquired about a few resources that he needed that they really didn't know about until he showed them in the handbook.
Anyway, he's doing awesome in all of his callings and really finding joy in serving:)
He's my man.
We are having so much fun together watching our children grow and doing our best to teach them.  We started on the Book of Mormon a couple weeks ago after finally finishing the Old Testament as a family (that took a good two and a half years).  Every night after scripture study, we paraphrase what we just read in a way that the kids can understand and share what we learned with each other.  It's incredible the influence and power of that book.

Friday, February 1

Ginnie-nine months

I have the most beautiful, wonderful little daughter I could have ever hoped for.  Can't imagine loving another little girl as much as I love my Ginnie Ann.  She's such a joy.  It seems surreal that I'm going to have another one soon...and I'm not sure what to expect -  not sure I'll luck out twice with an angel sleeper.  As a result, I've been keeping my house very clean and organized because I feel that I need to with a third on the way. Can't wait for Angela to arrive.  We love her so much already!  Wonder what she'll look like.  Will she have dark hair?  That would be a change...Will I get a blue or green-eyed girl this time? Can't wait to be able to answer these questions.

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