Friday, January 25

Six and a Half Months

This pregnancy is going great.  I'm starting to feel the aches and pains of third trimester, but it just makes me more excited.
I was having some major pain around my belly button area for the past three days and went in to see if it was possibly a hernia. The Dr. just asked me to sit up and watched for a lump as I sat up.  Don't know why I ever go to the Doctor.  I always come home empty handed.  He just said he didn't know what it was and it wasn't a hernia.  Seemed a little annoyed that his time was being waisted-and I was even more annoyed that mine was.
 I was able to sleep well last night without too much discomfort for the first time in a while.  It did wonders and my stomach is feeling so much better today.
Now that I think about it, my muscles are spreading to the sides to make room for baby and that is a very vulnerable area.  Ginnie did kick me pretty hard about four days ago and that's when the pain really started.  I haven't been able to stand anyone touching my belly as a result and even moving from side to side lying down, and trying to stand up and walk has been incredibly painful until now.
I'm all for home studying and alternative medicine.  So yesterday, I had rubbed comfrey ointment on the sore area (ingredients;olive oil, beezwax, and comfrey) and it had brought immediate relief until I moved.  Comfrey is good for bringing swelling down, helping out with bruising and relief for sprains, breaks etc.  
 Some put themselves trustingly in Doctor's care for every little thing that goes wrong.  I'm steering away from that and am finding that I get better, quicker results as I'm more self-aware and simply study and try different alternative approaches.  It's so empowering...of course, I usually go about things with prayer because God is the source of all knowledge and He's the best teacher by far.  The answers always come.  It's usually when I  start to loose hope and faith in His ability to communicate with me that I go to the Doctor as a last resort, but that is almost always fruitless.  Though sometimes I long to be attending college again, I'm given opportunities constantly within my family to learn and apply subjects that have always fascinated me.

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Ambie T. said...

I hope your hip doesn't give you too much trouble this time around!

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