Tuesday, January 15

Figuring it out

Alright, what a break through.  I was so overwhelmed at the task of having to play the process of elimination game in Hyrum's diet-having a feeling that something he was eating was causing all sorts of havoc on his system including: digestive problems, trouble sleeping deeply (resulting in distinctive dark pink bags under his eyes, not a healthy look), headaches, a little depression (saying he's sad and misses anyone and everything), sort of not all the way there and extremely impulsive at times, accompanying what seemed to be bottled up energy that caused profusive sweating, teeth grinding and shakiness.  So, just today I was thinking back to the last two weeks and how he's been more himself than ever-and SO happy...his fullest personality has come out without all those not-so-typical-of-Hyrum behaviors as well as physical reactions.
I realized that I don't have any wheat products that we regularly eat and haven't for quite a while.  That, and because I've figured out that Ginnie is pretty much lactose intolerant (hers was easier because she'd be in so much abdominal agony when she drank regular milk), I've only bought lactose free milks for a long time.  Occasionally, I give my kids a slice of cheddar cheese-and Ginnie seems to crave milk products.  
Hyrum still asks for Raisin Bran and other wheat cereals on a regular basis.
It's strange that they crave the things that their systems can't handle very well.  Anyone have any experience with that?  I hear it's quite common.
Now, just to figure out why Ginnie needs to eat really often to avoid many melt-downs.  I'm thinking she may be a little hypoglycemic...I'll have to have her tested at her next check-up.

What an accomplishment as a Mother.  I mean, the wheat thing just sort of fell into my lap and I didn't realize it until I was talking about it to someone else.  

Today has been a GREAT day!  So many blessings and stress reducers. My baby is well and healthy and A GIRL!!!  Hyrum will hopefully now have a little less stress on his little body so he can enjoy life more.   And well, I owe it all to a loving Father who decided to make my life a little easier by just sort of helping me to reflect and put things together, and for blessing our baby with health.  


Michelle said...

Emma has a wheat intolerance too. It was tough to alter our diet but she feels better. I still let her eat some wheat products. I don't think it's healthy to entirely eliminate it (how will her body ever learn to tolerate it if she never eats it?) I bake bread with Kamut. It's a great grain that is more easily digested.

rachael said...

I usually buy spelt bread, my favorite. That's also a more gentle grain and I seem to feel much better with it as well.
I'm sure I haven't figured out the entire riddle yet, but I think this is a huge part.
Thanks for the input.

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