Wednesday, January 23

What is happiness...

I'm so grateful and happy to be able to bring another child into the world. 
So many of my friends don't have this opportunity, but have been able to adopt or are in the process of being chosen for adoption.  I know they'll be blessed with all the joy and love that's a part of Motherhood regardless, and that they will have their chance someday too.  My heart goes out to them and I wish I could give them such a gift.
I also know that there's a purpose for every trial we're given.  Some enjoy health and vitality while others struggle with health problems, physical pain on a daily basis.  Some suffer from bio-chemical imbalances, severe mood swings and depression and other mental disorders.  Some enjoy financial well-being, while others struggle half their lives to get out of debt and get on top of finances.  Some are a little more accident prone than others who seem to be watched out for a little more. And some are tempted often beyond what they feel they can handle, or feel chained to addiction or the temptation that will always be there until they die.
So, trials come in all different shapes and sizes and some last much of our lives here on earth.  I know some of my trials have been given to me to help me to learn greater faith.  Perhaps that's the reason for many of our trials-to learn to walk by faith, and be happy and grateful regardless of what we feel is holding us back from a better life.  I think another reason for my trials is to learn compassion.
 I figure, if I didn't struggle in one area, there would be a different area to help me grow and stretch to reach my fullest potential.
  • I think gratitude is the key to well as looking forward with hope for what we believe can be. This life is full of limitless possibilities, and I think that often, God grants us our righteous desires after the struggle, and after we've turned our entire trust over to Him...after we've given up our own wills as a sacrifice and been ready to accept whatever He sees fit to inflict upon us, or to bless us with.  And often, our afflictions turn out to be blessings in disguise.

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