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Six and a Half Months

This pregnancy is going great.  I'm starting to feel the aches and pains of third trimester, but it just makes me more excited.I was having some major pain around my belly button area for the past three days and went in to see if it was possibly a hernia. The Dr. just asked me to sit up and watched for a lump as I sat up.  Don't know why I ever go to the Doctor.  I always come home empty handed.  He just said he didn't know what it was and it wasn't a hernia.  Seemed a little annoyed that his time was being waisted-and I was even more annoyed that mine was.  I was able to sleep well last night without too much discomfort for the first time in a while.  It did wonders and my stomach is feeling so much better today. Now that I think about it, my muscles are spreading to the sides to make room for baby and that is a very vulnerable area.  Ginnie did kick me pretty hard about four days ago and that's when the pain really started.  I haven't been able to stand anyone …


Well, Dan got an email saying that he was the primary candidate for a four-month deployment starting in May.
He talked to his head commander about it and reminded him that he's starting his PhD program in August, and that we'll be moving to Ohio shortly before that.
That let him off the hook. Who knows how far in advance he'd have to go for training...bad timing. So we're grateful we dodged the bullet. But it sort of hit me that it is still possible for him to have to go sometime. Think I'd just move to my parents for a while if that's the case in the future.

What is happiness...

I'm so grateful and happy to be able to bring another child into the world.  So many of my friends don't have this opportunity, but have been able to adopt or are in the process of being chosen for adoption.  I know they'll be blessed with all the joy and love that's a part of Motherhood regardless, and that they will have their chance someday too.  My heart goes out to them and I wish I could give them such a gift. I also know that there's a purpose for every trial we're given.  Some enjoy health and vitality while others struggle with health problems, physical pain on a daily basis.  Some suffer from bio-chemical imbalances, severe mood swings and depression and other mental disorders.  Some enjoy financial well-being, while others struggle half their lives to get out of debt and get on top of finances.  Some are a little more accident prone than others who seem to be watched out for a little more. And some are tempted often beyond what they feel they can hand…

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Figuring it out

Alright, what a break through.  I was so overwhelmed at the task of having to play the process of elimination game in Hyrum's diet-having a feeling that something he was eating was causing all sorts of havoc on his system including: digestive problems, trouble sleeping deeply (resulting in distinctive dark pink bags under his eyes, not a healthy look), headaches, a little depression (saying he's sad and misses anyone and everything), sort of not all the way there and extremely impulsive at times, accompanying what seemed to be bottled up energy that caused profusive sweating, teeth grinding and shakiness.  So, just today I was thinking back to the last two weeks and how he's been more himself than ever-and SO happy...his fullest personality has come out without all those not-so-typical-of-Hyrum behaviors as well as physical reactions.I realized that I don't have any wheat products that we regularly eat and haven't for quite a while.  That, and because I've figu…

Dr. Appointment

Well, apparently, it's a girl and she's just the right size...measuring 27-28 weeks.What a shock and relief!  Hyrum was right after all-as usual...he's really got a gift, very intuitive.  He tells me often that he really loves our baby, and gives my tummy hugs.
Thanks everyone for your prayers.

Six Months


One Day

Well, I continue to overdo it. It must be the German mentality in me...all or nothing (and the nothing only kicks in when I'm no longer capable of giving much of anything). I give and go until I can't anymore, then I crash and burn.
On Saturday, I got a workout in the morning then spent the rest of the day taking care of my children as usual, organizing and deep cleaning my entire house and finishing all the laundry, as well as cutting everyone's hair (except my own...we all know what happens when I start trimming my own ends up three inches long).  That was my goal, then I was going to reward myself by going maternity clothes shopping with a couple pregnant friends. By the time I was done, I was so exhausted I couldn't possibly follow through with the reward (which was for the purpose of getting away from my kids and socializing a little to recharge).  Instead, Ginnie and I went and picked up some pizza. While waiting for our pizza to get done, Ginnie pro…