Saturday, December 1

Fun Times

Well, a couple fun new things...I've gained eight lbs so far in this pregnancy-not bad at nearly five months along. I think Dan's going through each pregnancy with me. He went up a pants size during my pregnancy with Hyrum (which is pretty close to a miracle with his metabolism and the fact that he's been the same size since he was a teenager).
And now, although he's worked much harder than I have for his extra pounds (protein shakes and weight lifting), he's almost up to 200 (after only three weeks of working out) which he's only ever achieved once in his life.
So, he asks if he looks muscular, and I tell him he looks puffy, like me only in different areas ;) I think he looks great-and he's loving working out, he'll continue over vacation time.
Anyway, both my friends, who are pregnant with their first children, in my ward, are having boys. I'll be the last to know what we're having. I feel the baby kicking and moving often though and am so happy about that. Hyrum still insists it's a girl. We'll name her Angela if that's the case. Ginnie says, "Anala" only because she tends to follow everything Hyrum says and, on the other hand, I'm hoping for a boy-and secretly, so is Daniel-only because then it'd be just like his family. He's third born. We'll be so happy with either one, of course. But let's see if the kids or the parents win out.

Also, I just got Christmas pajama's sent off for my little nieces on Dan's side. I made pillowcases and pajama pants to match-then just bought girly t-shirts to go with. I'm really enjoying my new hobby and hope they like their gifts:)

So excited to go to my parents' for Christmas. My little sis, Kemarie is coming home from her mission, and we're crashing in my parent's small but cozy'll be like old times, only some of us have our own little families attached now. I'm so grateful to be married to such a wonderful man, and that my family is growing. It happens so quickly but I just feel so blessed in every way. Next year, there will most likely be a couple, if not a few marriages among my siblings. And while they're all falling in love with their sweetheart's for the first time, I'll be falling in love all over again with mine. I love this Christmas season! Workin on our fifth year of marriage, and loving the journey hand in hand.

Anyway I'd better get to bed...Church in the morning.
Signing off,

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