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Well, we went to my checkup to find out the gender of our baby yesterday.
The Dr. kept measuring the head over and over again, and didn't do much to look for the gender-because the baby was curled up enough that it made it difficult to see anything. But from what he could see, he thinks it's a girl.
The reason he was focusing on the head so much is that it's only measuring at 20 weeks 3 days, and the abdomen, though not quite as small, is a little over a week behind in size. But the leg length is a few days ahead.
He says the placenta looks fine, but that he's referring us to a perionatologist who will be able to do some in depth examining to be sure every thing is okay because as of today, I am supposed to be 23 weeks along. And the last time I had an ultrasound, the baby was right on target.
So, it was a little disheartening coming away with that news and no real news as to the gender.
But, all things are in the Lord's hands, maybe this will just be a smaller baby…

Fun Times

Well, a couple fun new things...I've gained eight lbs so far in this pregnancy-not bad at nearly five months along. I think Dan's going through each pregnancy with me. He went up a pants size during my pregnancy with Hyrum (which is pretty close to a miracle with his metabolism and the fact that he's been the same size since he was a teenager).
And now, although he's worked much harder than I have for his extra pounds (protein shakes and weight lifting), he's almost up to 200 (after only three weeks of working out) which he's only ever achieved once in his life.
So, he asks if he looks muscular, and I tell him he looks puffy, like me only in different areas ;) I think he looks great-and he's loving working out, he'll continue over vacation time.
Anyway, both my friends, who are pregnant with their first children, in my ward, are having boys. I'll be the last to know what we're having. I feel the baby kicking and moving often though and am …