Sunday, November 4

My silly, sweet, fun Ginnie

We got ready for Church just for fun because Gin was sad that she could not go to nursery (she's been up coughing at nights)-so I did her hair and asked if she'd like to take pictures with me. That made her happy.
Can you not tell we're related? I think she's a little brown-eyed, olive skinned replica of me-build and all. Her personality, though is a little different. She reminds me of three of my sisters; Kemarie, Nichole and Zoe all combined.

Thursday, November 1

Halloween Costumes

Well, I forgot to take pictures last night, but this morning, I had them put their costumes on again and told them to hold their buckets while I got some pictures...and that if they did, they'd get to choose a treat. They posed so cute, but the cutest ones are blurry. This one is half way decent after adjusting contrast and sharpness a little in iphoto.


"Welcome to the big race of the year! For hotshot rookie racer Lightning McQueen, it was everything he had ever worked for..."
He seriously has these books memorized word for word-he slurs some words, but it's amazing to listen to him.

Stellaluna and Cardboard Butterflies

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