Tuesday, October 30

This is my cousin Mary, one of eleven children on my Mom's side (considering I have one hundred cousins on that side of the family, it's a wonder that I know as many of them as I do and that we're a pretty close family in general. It's pretty awesome!)

This is my wonderful, beautiful Aunt Ruth, who was my Maid of Honor. She is my favorite Aunt, and will always be extra special to me. I love her dearly!

And this is my Uncle Alma, my favorite Uncle. Ever since I was little he has always made me feel special and loved-and even named his first daughter after me...who is growing up so quickly.
I appreciate all of my relatives on my Mother's side so much. They're all beacon's of light and goodness in this world. I hope I can teach my children as well as my Grandparents taught their's and pass on the legacy of faith that runs so strong in our heritage.

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