Tuesday, October 30

My friends from childhood...Phousily, on the left, was my soccer buddy in Elementary School. And Monica, I knew from the time I was four. My Mother had told me that a new little girl just my age had moved in near us, and that I ought to go ask if she could play. It was the start of a great friendship, though we were almost completely opposite in every way.
Though Monica went to a different Elementary School, she ended up moving to West Jordan and went to Jr. High and High school with many of my good friends from Elem. School (unfortunately, we had moved to Salem, UT by that time). So we knew the same people even though our relationship started out in Orem, UT just after my parents had divorced. I remember being so fascinated that Monica could speak a different language and would ask her all sorts of questions about how to say things in Chzeck. Also, the fact that she was an only child made it more exciting to go over to her house where she had all sorts of expensive foods- like Cocoa Puffs- and toys, like her own little school desk and dress up clothes that I loved. We have some great memories of the little Hartland Apartments as four-year-olds...eating ice cream cones near the mailboxes; sitting on skate boards and riding down the parking lot ramps; playing at all the fun playgrounds around the apartment building; and my favorite, walking to school and having to cross a bridge over the river. Monica would tell me all sorts of stories about the dragon who lived in the river, and how the white tree branches floating on the water were actually people's bones from the bridge. I was the sort of child that took everything quite literally, and whenever Monica wasn't with me, I'd run across that bridge like my life depended on it.
I enjoyed the different desserts that her Mother would prepare from Chzeckoslavokia (that's what it was then) especially when her Grandparents came to visit (although we couldn't communicate because they didn't know any english).
Those were the days...happy, young and carefree.
We kept in pretty good contact over the years, but I haven't seen or heard from her pretty much since I got married, when this picture was taken. I hope we run into each other eventually again...I miss her and always wonder what she's up to. Is she still eating Cocoa Puffs? Is she still going to school. Is she happy? Only time will tell.
One other small memory of those Apartments is that I started vacuuming regularly...I was finally big enough to manage that huge vacuum, and that became my chore. Believe it or not, I love vacuuming now just as much as I did then.

Hanna and Sam Dancing

Hanna's smile always makes me melt...she's so beautiful!
These two, my parents adopted when they were barely two and three. I had the opportunity to take care of them quite a bit before I got married.
This was my parents' and my home in Longmont, CO where they took in several Foster kids-so grateful I got to be a big part of that special experience.

Grandma and Grandpa Whicker have been such a blessing in all of our lives growing up...they're wonderful!

Mom and Me

Pat Bradley was a Mom in my ward growing up and I just admired and looked up to her so much-and her children.

These are some good friends of mine.
This is my cousin Mary, one of eleven children on my Mom's side (considering I have one hundred cousins on that side of the family, it's a wonder that I know as many of them as I do and that we're a pretty close family in general. It's pretty awesome!)

This is my wonderful, beautiful Aunt Ruth, who was my Maid of Honor. She is my favorite Aunt, and will always be extra special to me. I love her dearly!

And this is my Uncle Alma, my favorite Uncle. Ever since I was little he has always made me feel special and loved-and even named his first daughter after me...who is growing up so quickly.
I appreciate all of my relatives on my Mother's side so much. They're all beacon's of light and goodness in this world. I hope I can teach my children as well as my Grandparents taught their's and pass on the legacy of faith that runs so strong in our heritage.

This is my good friend Carla. We were so different growing up in the same ward as teens. But, she's the one I've kept closest contact with out of all my friends growing up...we have so much fun together.

Dancing with my Daddy

Grateful I have a Dad who was there for me growing up and who took on five children who were not his own, and later adopted two more who are still being raised. My parents are amazing and showed me a good example of what marriage is all about...working things out, and loving each other unconditionally. It's not easy raising a family, let alone a mixed one (and I mean really mixed). I really admire my parents and think they did a phenomenal job with what they were handed.

Young and in love...can I tell you how petrified I was of getting married?
I practically had a panic attack in the sealing room-and because I was expecting the worst, I was extremely surprised and pleased to find that marriage can be wonderful. Daniel has been so good for me, and we have grown so much together.Our marriage is wonderful because we are committed to the comfort, happiness, and well-being of each other. I can't thank my Father in Heaven enough for sending me such a good man, who is always amazing me in his strengths, and who is ever striving to reach his fullest potential.

August 16, 2003

Some wedding pictures of us with Dan's family-we were married in the Jordan River Temple.

Graduation from Colorado State University

A very pregnant me just a month before Hyrum was born. We moved from Fort Collins, CO to Cheyenne, WY just before I had him to be closer to base. After Daniel was done with school, there was no reason for us not to move closer to his work.
May, 2004
Some of my favorites of four month old little Hyrum
This was his new Sunday outfit and he was having a gay old time smiling and being his animated self for the camera
It seems like every picture I took of him as a baby was a different face or pose. He's still very animated and makes me laugh a lot when he expresses himself through words and facial expressions.

Monday, October 29


At four months old, this is Hyrum's first Halloween in Cheyenne, WY


Liberty Jail

Two Months Old

Graduation from S.O.S. after two and a half months of training in Montgomery Alabama

Mt. Rushmore-Sept, 2004

Another stop on our way to AL

That's a picture of Daniel with two month old Hyrum in the Bad Lands of South Dakota

Grandma and Hyrum

Since Grandma only lived fourty-five minutes away when Hyrum was born, he got a lot more attention as a baby from her than Ginnie. And somehow, Hyrum and Grandma are best buddies. He's always telling me he misses her and just smiles and hugs and kisses her every time he gets to go visit. He really loves her. Just a couple days ago, he told me that he didn't want to be at our house in California, but he wanted to be at Grandma's house because he misses her.

Two days old

These pajamas were made by our good friend who was the Relief Society Pres. of our Single's Ward...and my favorite on him as a newborn.

Baby Hyrum

Sunday, October 28

First Camping Trip

Dan had training in Montgomery AL when Hyrum was two months old. It was a fun experience...on our way there, we camped for a few nights and hiked up the Bad Lands and saw other fun sites.
Hurricane Ivan swept right through Birmingham while there, and apparently 90% of homes were out of power for a couple days. We were lucky, and no one on base was affected badly. The worst thing was seeing a few fallen trees and broken limbs on the streets. It was an adventure.

Hyrum Daniel

Hyrum was born June 24th, 2004. Weighed 7lbs, 13 oz. and was a handsome baby from the moment he was born. His face hasn't changed much over the years.

Proud Daddy

Here is Hyrum, not quite a day old.

Thirty six weeks and counting

I got pretty huge with my second pregnancy and the difference between my two was a pound and an ounce...at this rate, my third will be 9lbs 15oz...

Hyrum meets his new sister

Hyrum immediately took to Ginnie and loved her...never went through any jealousy and to this day, they are the best of friends. Hyrum has loved babies since he was a baby; and I guess the name thing worked. We named him after Hyrum Smith, hoping he'd be a great big brother among other things.

Ginnie Ann-February 18th, 2006

Our little daughter arrived two days after her Daddy's thirty-second birthday, and on her due date at 11:35 am.
Because I craved chocolate and sweets, I gained nearly fifty lbs with her, and it took exactly a year to loose it all after she was born. She really is a chocolate lover, surprisingly. She weighed 8lbs 14oz at birth. She's the princess of our family, and she knows it.

Ginnie and Me

Ginnie and I have had a very special bond since she was born. She's got a mature, refined, strong and independent personality.

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